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I am not sure of the quantity of the yeast required for a cow
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Dr. AMit Kumar Pandey , My contact is email: or whatisapp: 254702094455. Thank you.
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I am impressed by the research in using herbal medicine for the treatment of mastitis. How can I get this spray because I am a victim. I have lost a number of animals because of mastitis. The use of herbs should be encouraged through such research. I have been using 'urtica masaica' as a feed for my dairy cows. My informer told me that it is very good for cows. This is supported by my community ( ...
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What is sweet manufacturing in simple terms?
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It is interesting about the cooling system. I have been thinking it is natural especially in cold places. One does not require extra effort to cool the cows. Perhaps we need to be very clear what are the causes of this heat stress? Is it poor feeding or overfeeding? Otherwise it is a very big challenge for dairy farmers.
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The article is very informative. But I would like to know: How many times should a dairy cow be fed? Should it be fed in the morning or throughout the day. Today I met a farmer who feeds once in the morning. I feed twice in the early morning around 7.00am and late in the evening from 6.00pm. Kindly explain the disadvantages of these practices and your recommendation.
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What is the most accurate method of detecting a heifer on heat? I have a major problem of this and the result is AI failure. Another one what is the safest method of checking early pregnancy one to three months? Thanks.
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Is Vitfoss Microfeeders recommended for countries in summer grazing or there are others designed for tropical countries. Kindly give further information indicating its availability in other countries like Kenya where I come from.
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What quantity of dry mater is required by a dairy cow?
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It is a simple presentation of managing dairy cows. The biggest challenge is labour of trained and committed individuals who are willing to soil their hands. I know people who have abandoned dairy farming because of lack of labour. What are you doing in your country?
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