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M J Saxena, Ayurvet Ltd, India gave a lecture at Dairy Focus Asia 2010 about reproductive health management in dairy
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Hafiz Wasi Muhammad Khan I agree with you Dr Khan that most herbal products are not backed up by science and clinical efficacy validation data. However I have been associated with R&D of Herbals and basis my 32 years of experience can state that there is scientific Herbals with proven clinical efficacy evidence. Interestingly there is no placebo effect in animals and they respond as per environme ...
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Very insightful, Sir.
Article published the September 16, 2016
The discovery of antibiotics in 1928 has led to a revolution in the field of medical and veterinary sciences. The use of antibiotics started and the practice is done till date with a large number and different generations of antibiotics available to us. These antibiotics have a greater role to play to save the lives and they have saved millions of lives which became the reason for its indiscrimina ...
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Article published the August 26, 2016
The period following weaning is characterized by a high incidence of intestinal disturbances with diarrhoea and depression of growth performance in piglets. At weaning, pigs have to deal with the abrupt interruption in the established social interaction with sow and littermates and the stress of adapting to a new environment. In addition, the piglet has to cope with the sudden withdrawal of sow mi ...
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Article published the August 3, 2016
The poultry farming now-a-days plays a vital role in global economy. Farmers throughout the globe have moved from rearing domestic birds in the past to rearing hybrids which ensure faster growth of chicks, low mortality rates, excellent feed conversion ratio and consequently sustainable profits to the poultry farmers. This has been well supported by extensive efforts worldwide to improve the overa ...
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Article published the July 5, 2016
Introduction Food safety refers to “a scientific discipline describing handling, preparation, and storage of food in ways that prevent foodborne illness. This includes a number of routines that should be followed to avoid potentially severe health hazards.” Food safety has always been of prime concern among the food manufacturing world. Foodborne diseases might just be yet another asp ...
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Article published the June 29, 2016
When a farmer begin to think of setting up a dairy farm a number of queries and confusions are there but the foremost aim of a dairy owner is to maximize its profits and grow the business. To achieve this aim, a farmer needs to have a number of establishing plans in his mind. Along with designing a proper strategy, he also need to have an approach that delivers him not only a huge profit but also ...
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Article published the May 26, 2016
Methionine, As we know very well is an essential amino acid meaning it is not required by the body and has to be supplemented from outside. Which means that a bird needs it from sources like feed which opens the doors of business for all those industries which produce methionine. If it would have been like other amino acids which are non-essential and produced by the body we certainly would not ha ...
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Article published the February 29, 2016
Introduction The success of a dairy industry depends on the reproductive performance of its cows so as to meet the growing demand of milk and milk products. The lactation cycle of a cow depends upon the cow’s reproductive ability to get pregnant. The chemical mediators, called hormones released during and after pregnancy are required for the proper development of the mammary gland and p ...
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