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Heat stress is a major welfare problem in poultry industry leading to huge economic losses every year, because of heavy mortality and decreased performance. High temperatures, especially when coupled with high humidity, imposes severe stress on broiler birds and lead to reduced performance. In the past few decades, a number of Ayurvedic herbal immunomodulators and antistressors have been extensi ...
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Dr. Ishaya Could you please email me. : with your email, and I get you to SelSaf 3000. Where are you working from? Lorenzo Quesnel
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You may have to contact Phileo Lasaffre yourself or google it in your area.Almost any reputable feed store should carry organic selenium.Good Luck
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Where is this kit available? Could this kit be considered organic?
Discussion created on March 10, 2019
Does anyone have an opinion as to the expected bioavailability of different calcium sources, such as calcium orotate, vs calcium chloride, vs nano particle calcium carbonate or others? The goal would be to rumen protect the best calcium source and glucose powder with mini dose of digestive enzymes, nano particle selenium and nano particle trace mineral at 35% NRC for 10-20 days post fresh only. Pl ...
Discussion created on March 10, 2019
I've heard of Lacto Vet, Galog, More Milk, and more but have not found where they can be purchased. Is someone in our vast community able to assist or even offer to sell such products?
Discussion created on February 28, 2019
Components at certain times of the year increase (autumn/winter) or decrease (spring/summer), Is it possible to maximize components year round? What nutritional components could address my problem?
Discussion created on February 25, 2019
I am looking for efficient proven herbal Galactogogue powder or granule blends to study and possibly improve their performance. Please email lpq
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There has been plenty of proof of ROI on the better silage inoculants, but mycotoxin silage inoculants have yet to be developed.I am told Round Up`s safe tolerance in foods in New Zealand is only 1% of United States posted safe tolerance in foods. Would it make sense for health and life insurer and dairy Co-ops to check to see if China could use this leverage to maintain there grain, milk and all ...
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As we go along should Feed Efficiency Genomics Algarythemes be looking at Rumen PH, Rumen Microbiome and certain saliva enzymes to best breed a cow best capable to handle high roughage diets and/or handle high concentrate diets when land and or soil fertility is limited. This revelation could and should take out a lot of fluff and spur better direction of real working enzyme blends and buffer ...
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