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Rajwant Singh ji major problem remains with them is that they are much favorable for unwanted pathogen development
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In addition, it is cost and labor efficient. The organic bedding materials are readily available and absorb moisture. They are compatible with manure handling systems. Sawdust and Wood shavings are probably the most commonly used bedding products for dairy cows.
Article published the January 2, 2019
Introduction Farmers are considered to be the feeders of any nation. Indian farmers are not apart from them, they work days and nights to create bread and butter for human as well as for feeding animals too. Farming innovations have been started since ancient times by farmers. In modern era, they are devising many new farming models to achieve their respectable life. These types of agricultural i ...
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Article published the December 5, 2018
Introduction There have been a lot of discussions going on these days on waste management. There should always be an advanced and economical method for waste disposal concerned with livestock farm. Day by day advanced techniques are being developed for different agricultural operations. There are some important, economical, and efficient methods of manure and farm waste disposal. Carelessness reg ...
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Article published the November 22, 2018
Introduction Total Sheep population in India is 66 Million and out of which 80% is located in 7 states which are Rajasthan, Telangana, Shivangana, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, and Bihar. In this 40 % are non-descript animals and rest comprise of pure graded, crossbred or exotic animals, details of which are given below (Integrated Sample Survey 2015 and 19th Livestock Census, 2012 ...
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Introduction The very word behavior doesn’t comply with humans only, it is with animals too. Animals, as humans do, also have their typical feeding habits. They behave in different manner to different feeds. Ethology is the name given to the science that deals with animal behavior. Better understanding of Ethology helps us to make better and efficient feeding management which is an inevita ...
Article published the November 14, 2018
Introduction Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. In addition to natural resources, we also need social and economic resources. Sustainability is not just environmentalism. Find concerns for social equity and economic development. Sustainable agriculture The successful management of resources for agriculture t ...
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Thanks a lot to Hafiz Wasi Muhammad Khan for your valuable appreciation.
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Comprehensive article based on very close observations of animals behaviour. The observations and explanation given in this article are easily understandable by practical livestock farmers. The article adds value to their knowledge. Congratulations to Dr. sb for publishing such articles.
Article published the November 8, 2018
Introduction Small ruminants have always been left with poor housing facilities in spite they perform well. Better housing management will boost their performance. There are some key points to be considered while housing for small ruminants like orientation, elevation, space requirement, length of wall, shed, feeders, water trough, etc. Features for proper housing • Simple shed with low c ...
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