Article published the September 25, 2020
Introduction Milk is one of the most important foods of human beings and is recognized globally as a complete diet due to presence of essential components required for human health. India has a good number of dairy animal populations which plays an important role in economy of the country. India continues to be the largest producer of milk in the world (19% of the world’s total milk product ...
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Truly Eco Kindly mail me at
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Planning to start IFS (Fish+Duck) in West Bengal Howrah district. Land size is 5 Katha. What should be the pond size and number of fingerlings and ducks? Any other advice?
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Animals in good Body condition Score in dry period would favour High producer dammit and vice versa.
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Undoubtedly we should have deep consideration on this item. If the cows are drying with 3.25-3.5, it's ok and we have to keep it and prevent any losses up to close up pen and eventually calving. Although some refrencess suggest 0.25 increase in BCS from dry off to close up especially for thin cows, keeping 3.25-3.5 in these period is excellent. According to the recent article published in dairy sc ...
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celal izci over BCS cows are more on the verge of foot diseases. Some of my upcoming articles will surely include your suggestion. Thank you
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An important issue for dairy cattle. The relationship between dry period BCS and the formation of postpartum foot diseases should also be emphasized! What do you think about this?
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In season (June) like Rwanda country's by using dry matters feeding lactating animals, it is low production of milk.
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Wilder Ortiz Practically if we talk, it takes hardly 30-60 seconds to acess the BCS by a skilled person. In addition to this, BCS assessment is done fortnightly and monthly for growing and lactating animals respectively. So, it has large scale acceptability for a skilled person having little experience.
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Excellent topic! Regarding the BSC image assessment technologies, what is your opinion on the large-scale applicability?
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