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Integrated Farming System (IFS) is an interdependent, interrelated often interlocking production systems based on few crops, animals and related subsidiary enterprises in such a way that maximize the utilization of nutrients of each system and minimize the negative effect of these enterprises on environment. Under Indian conditions where large population of farmers comes under small and marginal ...
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Louis Landesman , integrated farming is practiced by small or medium farmers where they utilize their family labour. Occasionally, some hired help may be taken.
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Introduction In field conditions, body condition scoring has been accepted as most satisfactory tool for easy judgment of dairy animals for their energy status as compared to the laboratory methods like estimation of plasma NEFA, BHBA, glucose, urea, protein, etc. but they are laboratory methods which require a well-equipped lab facility, and it is expensive too. BCS is a method commonly used to ...
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Good and valuable information, but depend on farm size, larger farms can produce more wast than medium and small farms, more waste could produce more biogas, but largely depend type of feed and feeding methods. Thanks.
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Introduction The very word behavior doesn’t comply with humans only, it is with animals too. Animals, as humans do, also have their typical feeding habits. They behave in different manner to different feeds. Ethology is the name given to the science that deals with animal behavior. Better understanding of Ethology helps us to make better and efficient feeding management which is an inevita ...
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fertil your words are not correct. There are many progressive farmers who may be benefitted with this. There is great lag between poor and good producing cows in India and that too with such a large cattle population. Considering merely average production you become biased. Even if I consider average production also, there are some other articles which you can refer.
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AVR KUMAR please refer this link
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AVR KUMAR please refer to my previous article on Integrated farming...
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Thank you for informative article.
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