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Ananth K
I work with veterinary products as a marketing manager and hope to add value as a veterinarian with specialisation in animal biotechnology, with knowledge on epigenetics, embryo technology and gene ed
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INTRODUCTIONThe ceca of the modern poultry bird have important implications on gut health and zootechnical performance.[1] It is estimated that cecal microbial density reaches nearly 1011–1012 cells/g.[2] The poultry cecal microflora is represented by three main phyla, the Firmicutes, Bacteroidetes, and Proteobacteria .[3]Several studies have shown theimportance of the Firmicutes in the dige ...
News published on May 27, 2020
Join us on Thursday 28th May at 3pm IST to understand how do preparations inspired by ancient sciences like Ayurveda uphold the requirements of the modern phytogenic industry? The changing trends in the animal health industry from synthetic products to greener alternatives have opened new avenues for the modernization of phytogenic additives. There is a necessity to evaluate natural products fo ...
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Article published the January 14, 2020
Natural Remedies has always been keen on serving human and animals alike by amalgamating ancient Indian traditional system of Ayurveda with modern scientific methodologies. Over 50 years of operations, we have faced various challenges with respect to the efficacy of natural products. To overcome this challenge, the concept of NRSBP™ was introduced and studied. NRSBP&trade ...
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Lorenzo Quesnel , Yes, we Natural remedies have excellent feed additives to improve milk production intended for using in ruminants. I can share more details of the product tbrough the mail id mentioned. Thanks for your query.
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Herbal Medicine is the only one without any side effects either to cattle, poultry and even to human. All Synthetic drugs or medicines are make nature unfit for long run. Immunity suffers by synthetics. Lot of study and practical application with reference to latest technology to be applied for herbal medicines.
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Piyush Patel Thank you for your interest in the topic. We do have not have data on APC population as well as its activity as of now, but this is further research wed like to take on. We have found that NK cell activity has increased by using Phytocee.
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Respected all,Let's consider 2 categories,1) Infectious - The use of combination of Probiotic + good quality Organic acid at high dose 2-3 kg per ton and/or essential oil combination shall control the situation immediately. 2) Nutritional / Non infectious - Use of Phytogenics or Haloquinol, also Fenugreek soaked seeds can suppress the mucoid droppings,In heavy cases, lomofen was my drug of choice ...
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The blockchain community has come a long way over the past couple of years. We have moved from a focus on cryptocurrencies to a wider understanding of different ways we can leverage blockchain technology across industries. I’ve counted more than fifty different initiatives focused on food and agriculture around the world that are doing more than just raising funds through an ICO (Initial Coi ...
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Thank you for this very informative article Antonio and Jose. Could you kindly provide a reference for this statement. "..Intestinal integrity is weakened because there is not enough energy to produce the proteins that form the tight junctions between the enterocytes during this stage of the process. This enables enteropathogenic bacteria to translocate from the gut lumen to the blood systemic s ...
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In many parts of India, summer is severe with maximum day temperature hovering around 40 C (ie 104 F). There is also shortage of water in summer and since water table goes down, bacterial count in water is high. It is therefore a challenging task to manage poultry in these conditions. During summer, weight gain, FCR, egg production, eggshell quality and hatchability are all adversely affected ...
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