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Natural Remedies has always been keen on serving human and animals alike by amalgamating ancient Indian traditional system of Ayurveda with modern scientific methodologies. Over 50 years of operations, we have faced various challenges with respect to the efficacy of natural products. To overcome this challenge, the concept of NRSBP™ was introduced and studied. NRSBP&trade ...
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Dear colleagues! In my opinion, there is no universal scheme for prophylactics of coccidiosis for all farms. Each farm has its own scheme. And in each case there are individual dependencies. We have experience in the prevention of coccidiosis for 20 years, and very rarely there are similar situations. Therefore in each case it is necessary to understand separately. For example, I am convinced that ...
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Here in India, 99% of broilers are reared in deep litter, where good management has a very important role to play. Mostly first 2 months of layer and breeder are also done in deep litter. Here chances are more to get cocci. Vaccination does their part but if we maintain dry litter, we could avoid it significantly. If we only manage good biosecurity and do proper air/temp, water  ...
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Oregano extract is working well .It contain carvacrol and thymol
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Yes i'm right with this acertion however other controls mesures are needed such as the use of plants extracts as alternative to anticoccidials drugs.
Participation in Forum on April 16, 2020
Nice to see your details, yes, an alternative to Antibiotics is needed, more immunity should be gained. How you are able to get the herbs, actually I have visited you in some poultry fairs, I am interested in zeecox, is it fully natural based? Please, explain.Regards,Ravindran
Participation in Forum on April 11, 2020
Nice to hear you dear Mark,we understand you are working in essential oil,do you require essential oil from India,,so that you can formulate in your country, if so pl mail to Regards, Ravindran Caprienzymes
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On Tuesday 12th March 2019, the fascinating city of Bangkok hosted the 2nd Asia Pacific Silvateam Technical Seminar. The conference auditorium was filled with 50 people coming from more than 10 different countries. This audience included Silvafeed distributors, clients and members of companies under ongoing collaborations with Silvateam throughout Asia and Middle East regions. During the semin ...
Product published on December 31, 2018
Degrades anti-nutritional compound efficiently (Araboxylan) Enhance productivity performance and disease resistance Reduce the pollution of animal excretion Decreases feed cost with the use of nutrient matrix values Reduction of sticky and loose droppings
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Product published on December 31, 2018
Improves resistance power Builds strong bones Strong anti-bacterial and anti-viral agents Helps in de-toxification of the system Treats liver, kidney, eye problems
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