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Msc - Biotechnology
Probiotics,Prebiotics, Toxin Binders manufacturer.
Msc - Biotechnology
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We also tried mannanase and other blend of enzymes for shrimp culture. It showed very positive results.
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I watch for 40 years how well the aquaculture industry manages to generate its own issues without solving the problems. it manages to make money but the problems change as times goes by. It would appear that this changing environment is always chasing its own tail until the next problem arises. The false presumption that all fish species are domesticated because they are kept together and farmed, ...
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Dear Isabela Barros,Thank you, for your valuable information,Could you please send me your articles,From india where is your yeast product available please send a contact details.RegardsK.Sathishkumar
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very good information we will try it on India.thanks a lot for valuable information.
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Matrix values describes the amount of additional nutrients that are released when you add the enzyme. If you study the matrix values for a phytase product you will notice that the manufacturer claims that his product releases xx g of dig. P per kg. feed or is equivalent to adding xx g of DCP/MCP to the feed. If you are studying the matrix values for carbohydrases you will typically notice that the ...
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Current Market Requirement product.
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Dears you may try on toxin binder Calibrin Z, 0.01 ppm to 0.05ppm, mix it with feed with slightly wet condition and air dry it give this feed for three days surely it gives positive results. Add potassium diformate to kill Pathogenic organisms
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May 5, 2016
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