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IPPE - International Production & Processing Expo 2022
News published on October 27, 2021
  For the modern producer, chronic low-grade intestinal inflammation has a negative impact on the productivity of the operation. Often unseen clinically, but definitely felt economically, it impairs the animals’ ability to absorb nutrients, grow and reach their genetic potential. Dr. Alireza Khadem, R&D Manager in Innovad believes that antibiotics used as growth promoter ...
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Article published the October 21, 2021
IntroductionGlobally, the ever-increasing demand for protein consumption (via meat production) in a sustainable manner, requires further reduction of the overall production cost. Feed cost remains key to this. However, variability of raw material costs and the complex load of mycotoxins contamination continue to negatively impact productivity. On top of that, animal health and ...
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Article published the July 12, 2021
INTRODUCTIONAntibiotics used as growth promoters (AGP) have successfully controlled dysbiosis and enteropathogens for the past 50 years (1). However, the recent increase in worldwide non-AGP poultry production is challenging the industry in management, health, and animal welfare due to the increase of enteric and systemic diseases (2, 3). One of the most accepted theories of AGP mechanism is its r ...
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Article published the November 19, 2020
Highlights of this researchChronic Inflammation means losses and can cause a reduction in growth up to 30%Chronic gut inflammation often seen in field conditions is due to the synergistic & additive negative impact of several stress factors.We triggered ‘chronic gut inflammation’ with the complete replacement of corn with wheat and ryeLumance® alleviated ‘chronic gut infl ...
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Article published the April 27, 2020
1. IntroductionBroiler chickens and pigs are highly exposed to mycotoxins due to their cereal based diet. These toxins are mainly produced by Aspergillus, Fusarium, and Penicillium fungal species. [1]. Aflatoxin B1 (AFB1) is the most important aflatoxin with regards to potency and occurrence. Poultry are highly sensitive to the hepatotoxic and hepatocarcinogenic effects of AFB1. At lower doses, re ...
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11/27/2019 - India
News published on November 7, 2019
Innovad is pleased to announce a 3-year PhD Research Collaboration with Texas A&M, a leading US university, and USDA, the US Department of Agriculture. The primary aim of the research is to ‘Establish a chronic gut inflammation/gut dysbiosis model in chickens’. The research will then aim to ‘incorporate other stressors in order to simulate the field conditions and more impo ...
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