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Participation in Forum on March 12, 2021
Tahir Naseem sir thank you for sharing your ideas Please let me know if water hardness have positive or negative impact on growth performance and medication especially antibiotics
Participation in Forum on March 4, 2021
Thank you EWA SUJKA Please let me know about availability of coccilip in pakistan And just share some literature about organic acid if you are dealing with
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Wijaya Saputra treat the birds with tiamutin @50 mg per kg body weight for two days followed by every 21 days for two times and once it lower down than every thirty days if you can combine with CTC it would be better
Participation in Forum on February 16, 2021
Thank you Dr Francisco for sharing your ideas. Let me add something Dietary fibers have many beneficial properties you discussed above, moreover the undigested fibers can trap the microbes by thier moving sites flagella and eliminate them from intestine.
Participation in Forum on February 13, 2021
Nelson Ruiz, I hope you will be fine and doing well I wanna clear that if fermented SBM will be cost-effective for massive production?
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Christoph Hutter. Dear Mr. Hutter, Absolutely, fermented soy bean meal with very low levels of both heat-labile and heat-stable anti-nutritional factors is an alternative to manage soy anti-nutritional factors in general, and in particular to manage rapid feed passage (a form of disbacteriosis in European terms) in broilers. We presented at the virtual Poultry Science Association meeting this year ...
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Zahed Abbasi,thank you for your comment. In this research that I comment on in the video, it was identified and quantified the majors' bacterial phyla in the gut microbiota and how it changes when we have a challenge with SE and then the supplementation of ImmunoWall (MOS and BG). We know that MOS will agglutinate these gram-negative bacteria that possess Fimbria (like Salmonella and E. coli) so, ...
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Dear Hashaam,Phytogenics have complex way of action, as you know plant extracts and essential oils have antiinflammatory effect, antioxidant effect, and also direct effect on pathogens. It can be by blocking some enzymes, or increasing permeability of membranes.This multifactorial mode of action is the greatest advantage of phytogenics, as reduces significantly the speed of resistence generation.S ...
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The addition of Amino acid to the dairy cows in the formulations came more attention from a few years ago; today most of the farmers are interested in this technology. The research start up long time ago, as an example when start to study the free methionine and lysine had a relatively high rumen degradation escape values when they were fed to high producing dairy cows (Velle et al., 1997, 1998; ...
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Hazem Hassanien The pure product is costly per kg. As Mepron supplies methionine in a highly concentrated form (85% DL-methionine), it helps covering the first limiting amino acid without using high amounts of protein feeds that are more expensive per unit of methionine. In addition, it helps to reduce the nitrogen load and to improve the nitrogen efficiency. As total feed costs are reduced with ...
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