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#Poultry gut health
Article published the September 24, 2018
Silvafeed® plant extracts: a performing natural alternative to antibiotics in maximising gut healthImplementing new practices that aim at improving animal welfare is no easy task. There are diverse signals from famers and veterinarians that, under the condition of current animal farming, livestock welfare appears endangered, as individual animals and entire flocks or herds show clinical signs ...
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Nicola Panciroli likes the comment:
Dear PHILIP QUINN, our product contains a minimum of 85% polyphenols as a blend of natural flavouring additives. I am more in favour for saying "the dose makes the poison", rather than incriminating herbal extracts. You are welcome to contact me for further informations ( Have a nice day, Olivier.
This member gave a presentation on March 22, 2018
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Pig, Poultry & Dairy Focus Asia 2018
News published on September 4, 2017
Come and visit us at Space 2017, an upcoming limelight event regarding animal production, based in one of Europe’s most important livestock area and hosting a huge number of international visitors. Silvateam stand is C77, located in Hall 9. We are delighted to exhibit among more than 1,000 livestock industry top players and discuss about the growing interest on the addition of plant based p ...
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Participation in Forum on July 28, 2017
Thanks Kamalmousa and Jejeniwa. I'll be happy to share with you our technical information on poultry, please contact me at My best regards Nicola
Article published the July 26, 2017
Salmonella spp. are among major food-borne pathogens throughout the world, which cause approximately 94 million enteric infections and 155,000 human deaths each year (Majowicz et al., 2010). They are most often detected in poultry meat, although diseases are frequently associated with contaminated eggs and egg products (EFSA, 2015). Moreover, antimicrobial resistance in Salmonella specie ...
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News published on July 12, 2017
Silvateam was awarded a prize for innovation during the 11th World Congress on Polyphenols Applications, that took place in Vienna (Austria) at the end of June 2017. Silvateam has been recognised as a top innovator within polyphenols application fields because of the company ability to promote, during its 160 years of history, the use of tannins on an industrial scale and in a wide range of app ...
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Participation in Forum on June 22, 2017
Thanks Ravindran for your comment and interest. Our suggester product for poutry is Silvafeed Nutri P. You can find some detailed information about the product in the following link free to contact me by email in order to receive more information: npanciroli@silvateam.comBest regardsNicol ...
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I have been using tannins in veg tan process. How is this in Animal nutrition? I am happy Silvateam, doing quiet a lot of innovation, in natural products. What kind of extracts do you recommend for Poultry and Animal nutrition? If suits me, I can join with you to promote in South India for the benefits of farmers community,Regards,RavindranCaprienzymes,Chennai.
News published on June 9, 2017
We are pleased to announce a new entry within Silvateam Animal Nutrition Business Unit. Olivier Desrues has just joined our sales and development team as a technical manager. Olivier brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Silvateam, having focused both his academic and professional research on the chemical analysis of tannins and their effects on animal nutrition. During his Ph.D. in Vet ...
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