Narayan Banik
M sc in tropical vet science
Senior poultry consultant green vet Pharma Narsingdi Banglades previous position was principal scientist Lri Mohakhali Bd at present consultancy services are given to 400-500 hundred poultry farmers
M sc in tropical vet science
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Julián Melo Thanks for wise decision.human safety is first
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I am interested to know the vaccination schedule for the control of FC .we are using killed bacterin at age of 12wks followed by boosted after 12 wks. no satisfactory results.
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From my practical point of view, I actually agree with the fact that reduction in the energy content will go along way in preventing the problem. Where it is seen in a lot of the birds, Choline chloride is also effective in fat burning. Reduction in the quantity of feed as well as adjustment in the time of feeding are also very important. Commercial layers can be fed during the cool hours of the d ...
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Summary Fat in the poultry body is coming either through feed or through de novo lipogenesis from unused carbohydrates. Gross energy value of fats and oils is 2.25 times more than starch; Therefore, fat metabolism is very crucial for poultry. LIPC also called hepatic lipase is a key enzyme in the liver responsible to break fat into fatty acids. Fatty acids from adipose tissues travel through the ...
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Very nice topic but we need correct information so that prolapse could be corrected. In the growing period, proper nutrition is required for body building. Body weight should be maintained as per age and photoperiod also be maintained.There are some rules for beed.
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Avner Finger would you like to try recombinant HVT-expressing H9 HA antigen? Best Wishes Munir Iqbal Pirbright Institute
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I fully agree that broiler vaccination with inactivated vaccines is not the preferred way. However, as you know at this stage we do not have any live H9N2 vaccine and our only option is to use the inactivated vaccine. The usage of the inactivated vaccine in broilers together with the selection of the right clade solved the issue of H9N2 in Israel. Still you need to take into account that early vac ...
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what is the cost for training?accomation m training materials will be provided by the authorities to the there age limits ?
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Nowadays cocci is a great problem in broiler farm where rare in deep litter system although anticoccidial drugs are used. However with the present of anticoccidial which groups of water-soluble anti cocci drug can be used?
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Digestion of oocytes can only take place when proteolytic enzymes are produced. This is about as from 21st day. Anti coccidia medication strategy should start at about 18th day and not 8th day. Medication as a strategy should take place where bio securities are in deep suspect. The idea is to break the cycle, especially at syngamy stage.
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