Mphil Animal Nutrition and Feed science
Bsc Animal Husbandary and Veterinary science (DVM), Mphil Animal Nutrition and Feed science, Strong knowlegde animal nutrtion
Mphil Animal Nutrition and Feed science
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A. ANIMAL FACTORS B. PLANT FACTORS C. PREPARATION OF FEED A. ANIMAL FACTORS 1. Species Roughages high in crude fibre are better digested by ruminants than by non-ruminants due to the pre-gastric fermentative digestion that occurs in the ruminants. In several non-ruminants, post-gastric fermentative digestion occurs which helps in digestion of crude fibre. Pre-gastric fermentative d ...
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Oscar Briceño these are excellent questions! I must admit these details are still largely unknown. As the immune response is specific to different stressors, (e.g. heat stress vs necrotic enteritis vs respiratory virus infections) the ideal nutrient requirements for a bird exposed to those stressors is likely also varied. To answer these questions we must focus research to understanding the spec ...
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Introduction The ban on use of antibiotics as growth promoters in EU since 2006 endorsed the finding of alternative to antibiotics in farm animal nutrition (Attia et al., 2006; 2012; El-Deek et al., 2011). Thus, search for effective alternatives to antibiotics in intensive animal production is a very important topic, considering not only the impact in animal welfare but also in human health. Anti ...
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Very informative discussion...Well as Professor Attia mentioned diet composition also plays a significant role regarding this information, as my knowledge this time we use with cooperation with Chengdu Mytech BiotechCo., LTD manufacture natural safe and stable product.
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Interesting article. This article inspired to be applied in antibiotic-free feed.
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