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Satish Sharma What about in the condition of shooting diarrhoea and mucoid diarrhoeal case from the new harvested crops feed getiing chances of endotoxins, which leads NE ? Is this Lysosomes, Probiotics and antioxidants works good?
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Thanks for your information about evaluating effectiveness of vaccination. My questions is also regarding on vaccination, is this necessary to have using similar serotype (species specific) related vaccine for passages in animals/ birds for controlling the outbreak of the disease?
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Is this possible that after top up of oil in finished feed that could adjust the energy and protein ratio? Another one is the texture of pellets strength?
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I have tried with organic acid as a supplement in case stress with cocci, it results good. Thank you and appreciate Frances yan.
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Hi Elizabeth, Good to hear about gut health evaluation, my query is based on field condition in winter season on dip litter system, there is a problems of enteritis and some time leads to be bloody faeces it occurs after raking of litter is due to oocyst present or some other causative factors? At the same time, ammonia gas formation and water belly condition (i.e. Ascites) seems sometimes birds d ...
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Good morning to all. I obviously think enzymes are more significant for poultry especially those enzymes are not produced in poultry like, Alpha galactosidase, Beta mannanase, Xylanase, Glucanase, Maize and soya contain nonstarch polysaccharide which can not be digested without above exogenous enzymes. If we do not use those enzymes in poultry feed a part of polysaccharide called non-starch e ...
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