Oscar Briceño
BSc. cMSc (Nutrition and statistics)
Nutrition Consulting. Feed formulation for non ruminants species Professor at Universidad Nacional Agraria. La Molina Teaching experiences. Consulting at FAO
BSc. cMSc (Nutrition and statistics)
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Could you comment if in the experiment you conducted you had to make any adjustments to the amino acids Isoleucine and Valine, in order to maintain a balance in the protein profile?
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Dr Juarez Donzele excellent comment, which does not require additional observations. Work published in 2017.
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How much could be the increase of this amino acid? How many days could be necessary increase this aa?
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Very interesting, clear and didactic. Excelent bibliography review. Congratulations
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My comment about the replace was for the affirmation that it could be by one forist, but I am in agreement with Joshua and Martin Smith
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Can you explain how betaine can replace methionine?
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Excellent information. Did you forget about amino acids?
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Excelent information, but what about amino acids
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Dr. John Htoo, Director of Global Technical Support for Swine at Evonik Animal Nutrition, speaks about the main challenges animal nutrition industry faces to have sustainable food production, during CLANA 2018
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