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Sustained Dedication to Food Safety VICAM’s mission is rooted in the fundamental human need for safe, abundant food. As a growing awareness of the dangers of naturally occurring agricultural contaminants has converged with market globalization, concern about the safety and quality of globa...
Video published on April 7, 2022
Afla-V ONE is the world's first single-calibration lateral flow strip test method able to detect total aflatoxins in just minutes for complete feeds and pet foods. Designed for use with the Vertu TOUCH lateral flow strip test reader, Afla-V ONE answers a growing need for aflatoxin monitoring in complete feeds, offering on-time data for real-world preventive management. No special training or exp ...
Video published on April 7, 2022
Afla-V ONE 2-80 ppb Method is the world's first single-calibration aflatoxin lateral flow strip test for complete feeds and pet foods. Highly sensitive and precise, Afla-V ONE is designed for use with the Vertu PREP lateral flow strip test reader and may be used virtually anywhere, with no special training or expertise needed.
Video published on November 3, 2021
VICAM is a global leader in the development of rapid food safety diagnostics for field and laboratory.
Video published on November 3, 2021
Join Carlton and Clint for a brief discussion around Myco 5-in-1 PLUS - VICAM's answer to global grain and feed producers and handlers who are impacted by the need to monitor more than one mycotoxin in a non-laboratory testing environment. Then, watch the procedure from start to finish
Article published the October 26, 2021
INTRODUCTIONFor feed chain stakeholders in an increasingly competitive marketplace, the bottom line can rise or fall with the contaminant levels in grain and other raw materials. The repercussions of feedstuffs that fail to meet the highest safety and quality standards can spread across the entire value chain, jeopardizing livestock health and the reputation and economic performance of multiple bu ...
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News published on November 19, 2008
VICAM’s AflaCheck™ Strip Test and AflaTest® Single Filter aflatoxin test methods receive USDA-GIPSA Certification for use by Official Grain Inspection System.VICAM, a world leader in food safety diagnostics, today announced that USDA-GIPSA has awarded certification to two of their rapid diagnostic methods for aflatoxin detection: AflaCheck™ and AflaTest® Single Filter methods. AflaCheck™ utilizes ...
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News published on August 15, 2008
VICAM’s AflaOchra™ HPLC method is first-ever testing protocol to meet AOAC® specifications for simultaneous detection of Aflatoxin and Ochratoxin AVICAM, a world leader in food safety diagnostics, today announced that the AOAC® International has awarded Official MethodSM First Action status to the protocol “Determination of Aflatoxins B1, B2, G1 and G2 and Ochratoxin A in Ginseng and Ginger by Mul ...
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News published on April 30, 2008
Harvest is often the most stressful time for farmers, elevators and processors simply because of the volume of grain passing through their facilities. When mycotoxins are a concern, testing is needed prior to shipment or prior to usage for feed or food. VICAM recently introduced a product that is uniquely designed for rapid, low cost aflatoxin screening for any location that is interested in preve ...
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News published on April 30, 2008
With global concern over food and feed safety at all all-time high, producers are looking for answers and ways to promote confidence in the quality and safety of their products. VICAM offers a full spectrum of rapid, accurate test kits for mycotoxins and pathogens which simplifies testing and provides the rapid turnaround needed for today’s production environment. From screening to quantitation, V ...
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News published on April 15, 2008 proudly welcomes Vicam, a world leading provider of mycotoxin and microbiological testing solutions.One of life’s essentials is wholesome food in adequate amounts. Ensuring this quality is not simple. Hazardous substances such as mycotoxins and foodborne pathogens contaminate 25% of our limited world food supply.There is an answer. It is VICAM, a world leader in agricultural biotechno ...
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