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@Salihu Ahmed These solutions are designed to be given through drinking water, however, some farmers are using it as mist/fog/spray and are very happy with the obtained results.
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Although the first mentions to  “choline” date from XIX century  (In 1850, Theodore Gobley already described a substance “lecithin”, and then, in 1862, Adolph Strecker heated lecithin from bile, which generated a new nitrogenous chemical termed “choline”), choline’s role nutrition was not well known until 1930s. Since then, several researche ...
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Carlos López Tomé, Veterinarian, Technical Department at Liptosa, speaks about the mode of action of Naturcoline, a Choline adjuvant for poultry nutrition
News published on February 14, 2023
LIPTOSA is pleased to announce our participation in VIV ASIA 2023, in Bangkok (Thailand). 4 years after its last edition, VIV ASIA is back! Next 8th-10th march, Bangkok will host VIV ASIA 2023, the biggest and most complete feed to food event in Asia, and as would be expected, LIPTOSA will be there as exhibitor. Want to get updated about our latest projects and products? You are more than in ...
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Dear ArulmaniThank you for the comment, indeed there are several lipotropic substances that we may find in plant based ingredients. Also is very useful to optimize the fatty acid profile of the diet fed to our animals taking into account the genetics and type of production (slow/fast growth, age of slaughter, etc).
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Respected mam, Acacia Arabica Bark is considered as good source of Natural Choline and India's top Feed making companies are using this in their products. Please help us to reach your R&D team to collaborate with your company we will supply this natural resource for research purpose.
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11/15/2022 - Germany
News published on September 19, 2022
The Liptosa team, represented by Ewa Sujka and David Revilla, will be in Rwanda on the 5th and 6th of October at Poultry Africa 2022. Phytobiotics, nutraceuticals, botanicals... are the basis of most of our formulas. Natural solutions are designed to participate in the preservation of optimal health, which is the basis of any production system. In addition, attendees will be able to discover th ...
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Economical ImpactNowadays, coccidiosis is still considered one of the infectious diseases with the greatest economic impact in the poultry industry, both for the productive losses it causes and for the high costs associated with its prevention and treatment (which are estimated to reach more than 3 billion USD per year).For decades, the use of anticoccidials (ionophore antibiotics and/or chemical ...
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Luc Goethals,we had similar experience, in experimental farms it is quite common that negative control group doesn´t show a significant difference to trial and positive control, however it doesn´t mean that the choline (doesn´t matter if synthetic or vegetal source) is not needed in farm animal diets. This is the reason why we always perform trials under different conditions and ...
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