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Lípidos Toledo S.A . began in 1996 as a family business and under the guidance of a group of professionals with extensive experience in the Animal Nutrition field. From the outset, the company''''s mission has been to provide its clients with personalised service and efficient, natural produ...
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Dear Viorel Marculescu,Several compounds as methol or eucaliptol, induce the cool perception, it is due to the capacity of activation of the so-called cold receptors, particularly those from TRP family. In the case of essential oils, the ion channel TRPM8 (this can be found mainly on skin and oral cavity) is activated in the same way as cold is doing: increasing or reducing the ion exchange.Best r ...
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Hafiz Wasi Muhammad Khan Yes, I'm counting on it
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Guillermo Pardo Pizarro hope we will remain in contact and continue to share our experiences
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Hafiz Wasi Muhammad Khan I appreciate your comment, we are proud to be able to offer effective natural solutions to the ruminant sector, innovating and growing every day.
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beautiful update about ruminant nutrition
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Although the first mentions to  “choline” date from XIX century  (In 1850, Theodore Gobley already described a substance “lecithin”, and then, in 1862, Adolph Strecker heated lecithin from bile, which generated a new nitrogenous chemical termed “choline”), choline’s role nutrition was not well known until 1930s. Since then, several researche ...
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The development of solutions and products focused on ruminant nutrition has been linked to LIPTOSA since its foundation, more than 25 years ago. Over this time, the evolution of production systems and the needs of the sector led to the mainly enhancing and expanding of monogastric animal lines.Today, strongly established in both national and international markets, the company is committed to expan ...
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