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Dr Selvam Ramasamy
M.V.Sc Pharmacology & Toxicology
Conceptualization, designing, planning, conduct and execution of Veterinary Clinical and Field Trials in target species for animal health care products, New Product Development and Project Management.
M.V.Sc Pharmacology & Toxicology
Article published the September 23, 2020
INTRODUCTIONCholine, a rediscovered vitamin B4 that mostly exists in the form of phospholipids, plays a critical role in several biological functions in poultry. It is essential for building and maintaining cell membranes and organelles, such as mitochondria and microsomes, and for normal maturation of the cartilage matrix of the bone [1]. Moreover, it is an essential component of acetylcholine, t ...
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Article published the August 24, 2020
INTRODUCTIONThe ceca of the modern poultry bird have important implications on gut health and zootechnical performance.[1] It is estimated that cecal microbial density reaches nearly 1011–1012 cells/g.[2] The poultry cecal microflora is represented by three main phyla, the Firmicutes, Bacteroidetes, and Proteobacteria .[3]Several studies have shown theimportance of the Firmicutes in the dige ...
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Congratulations on the article, considering the importance of the revised article. I take this to reaffirm some points that I mentioned earlier. Based on the information contained in this review, it can be perfectly deduced that, in practice, the reduction in feed crude protein, which is based on the ratio of essential amino acids to lysine, is the ideal protein for the animal category in question ...
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For Rose, my point is that your work has shown that reducing crude protein in feed is not as simple as it may seem. This is because factors such as immune challenge and environmental stress, such as high temperature, are factors that alter the relationships of some essential amino acids with lysine, highlighting the dynamic character of the ideal protein. This detail reveals that in order to obtai ...
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KEY POINTSBirds ‘reproductive cycle is controlled by changes in day length called as Photoperiod.Birds perceive this photoperiod in two ways:a) Through retinal of the eye to visual cortex and pituitary glandb) Through harderian gland (UVA specific light) which triggers reproductive systemBirds are not “stimulated” by the entire period of light, but rather by two important parts o ...
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SummaryComponents of marketable herbal feed supplements are primarily evaluated based on their efficacy and safety to ensure quality. Nevertheless, as complex mixtures of different groups of primary and secondary metabolites, retention of overall phytochemical consistency with permissible levels of contaminants is critical to their efficacy and safety of herbal feed supplements. Herbs sourced from ...
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 It's not always that the high performance brings production stress to poultry, it's the way you deal with it. The high performing animals and feed is need of the competitive world. The crucial mission is to support them adequately to perform. Some choices are available as feed additives to control the production stress. But they are limited by their stability, safety and economy of the ...
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September 3, 2014
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