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IntroductionWith the increased cost of grain and forages in the USA, dairy producers have turned their attention to the feed efficiency of milk production. Low on-farm starch digestibility contributes to reduced feed efficiency. Several researchers have demonstrated that measuring fecal starch (FS) is highly correlated to total tract starch digestibility in dairy cows. One factor affecting the dig ...
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Introduction The buffalo and cow calves born at the government livestock farms are usually given milk at the rate of 10% of their body for 8 weeks, and then tapering it off to zero at the end of 12th week. The growth rate and weaning weights of both these species have been variable across the years at these livestock farms (data from annual reports of LPRI, Bahadurnagar, Okara) indicating the ...
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India has largest livestock population in world. Livestock is one of the important economic activities especially in the rural areas of country providing income for most of the family. In dairy farming, feeding cost accounts about seventy percent of total operation cost. Even though dairying Programme have attained considerable importance in various Five Year Plans and the States and the Centre fo ...
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As herds aspire to achieve higher levels of milk production there is a need for more focused management of all areas of the farm. The management of the milking center is no exception to this. In order to achieve success with the milking center the first step is to document what the current baseline is for all the major areas affecting the milking center. During the analysis of this baseline data o ...
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James Quigley, Technical & Research Manager, Calf & Heifer (Provimi), presented the new Cargill program and covered different topics on dairy nutrition and management in Pilar, Argentina.
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Introduction Past research in dairy cattle nutritional management has focused almost exclusively on the nutritive aspects of the diet, resulting in many discoveries and improvements in dairy cow health and production. Despite many advances this field we are still faced with several challenges associated with feeding dairy cattle. Recent field observations suggest that housing and management can p ...
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Jasmer Singh beautifully explained the role of citrate in udder protection, thanks.
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Hafiz Wasi Muhammad Khan no doubt
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Looks written by a very very practical livestock farm manager who has experienced all these changes and recorded every variation. If I had to write on this topic, I would have concluded in almost same write up.
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I am working for the last 45 years as a dairy consultant around the world in hot environments (desert, tropical and sub-tropical) with pure dairy cattle and cross. According to my experience the main incidence of the variability of the Fat and Protein in the milk is due to the type of breed and cross, the influence of the weather conditions and the feeding.Using crisscross system as Holstein/Jerse ...
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