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News published on August 8, 2023
Microbiota days are coming back this year on October 3 and 4, 2023. Phileo’s global virtual event giving easy access to top talks from your own desk. Thanks to last year success, Phileo accelerates its focus on microbiota and invests in a virtual industry event taking place October 3 and 4, 2023. High level keynote speeches will be given by scientists from academia, institutes, and indu ...
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Article published the March 6, 2023
IntroductionSuboptimal milk yield limits the U.S. dairy industry’s productive competitiveness, marginalizes efforts to reduce inputs into food production, and increases animal agriculture’s carbon footprint. There are a variety of circumstances in a cow’s life which result in hindered productivity including heat stress, rumen and hindgut acidosis, feed restriction, and psychologi ...
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Video published on July 4, 2022
The impact of heat stress on dairy cattle can be devastating to milk and component production. In this webinar, Dr. Baumgard explores the metabolic and endocrine consequences of heat stress in both growing and lactating animals.
This member gave a presentation on May 11, 2022
At the following event:
Animal Nutrition Conference of Canada 2022
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IntroductionGut health is intrinsically linked with animal health, which in turn dictates cost efficient production. Animal health and productivity are intrinsically linked, as are gut health and animal health. In many diseases, diet is implicated as a contributing factor by having direct effects on host metabolism, immune responses, and microbiome composition, subsequently altering ...
News published on July 28, 2020
Dr. Jesse Goff from Iowa State University will speak on “Why Cows Become Hypocalcemic and Steps to Reduce Impact" in this one hour long webinar on August 4th. Since April, the Real Science Lecture Series, by Balchem, has already featured prominent ruminant nutrition experts like Mike Hutjens (University of Illinois), Heather White (University of Wisconsin), Lance Baumgard (Iowa State Univ ...
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Article published the March 31, 2020
Dairy cows alter their metabolic, hormonal, mineral, and immunological systems as they transition from pregnancy to lactation. Following parturition cows are unable to consume enough nutrients to meet the energetic demands of lactation (and maintenance costs) and as a result enter into negative energy balance (NEB). During NEB, coordinated changes in carbohydrate and lipid metabolism (i.e., decrea ...
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This member gave a presentation on November 6, 2019
At the following event:
Symposium on Gut Health in Production of Food Animals 2019
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Get an easy way to measure heat stress in your dairy farm and save your income from going up in smoke! Think about our Phileo heat stress App for dairy cows.
Article published the April 12, 2018
IntroductionBoth humans and livestock are susceptible to high thermal loads that can cause acute, chronic, and lethal illness due to heat stress-related pathologies. In 2003, approximately 50,000 Europeans died during an intense heat-wave [1,2]. More recently, about 11,000 people succumbed to heat stress in Moscow during an abnormally hot 2010 summer [3]. Besides cooling and rehydration, there are ...
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