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S. M. A. Halim Thank you for your comments. In fact, that is an impressive performance in broilers. In Brazil, we have gotten FCR 1.51 (after 42 days cycle). We replaced DL-Methionine 1:1; L-Lysine was used as well. Ratio per Ton of feed as per below: Pre-start phase: Him-Methio 3.77 kg/ L-Lisyne 2.72 kg Start phase: Him-Methio 3.21 kg/ L-Lysine 2.53 kg Growth phase: Him-Methio 2.66 kg/ L-Lysine ...
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Thank you Dr. Kim for sharing your thoughts on this topic. Herbal formulations have been successfully used in replacement or even working in combination with chemicals active ingredients. In many cases, herbals are able to keep the same performance as the chemicals with the benefit of being natural: good for both, animals and humans. The important aspect in herbals is the quality of the supplier, ...
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Sfiso,It depends on the production system that you are going to use. A modern completely environmentally controlled house can house up to 22 broilers per square meter. An open sided house, with curtains and fans, can stock at 14 to 18 broilers per square meter. Less sophisticated housing can be stocked lower than the numbers given above.
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