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Video published on October 5, 2023
Dr. Ariel Carlos serves as a consultant for more than 20 swine and poultry farms, as well as feedmills in the Philippines. His consultancy services also have a global reach, as he collaborates with two international organizations in Bangladesh engaged in commercial feed milling, integrated broiler, and layer operations.
Video published on October 5, 2023
Kurt Wegleitner, the Managing Director of Phytobiotics, introduces the Senso Additive production facility in Germany.
Video published on October 5, 2023
Kurt Wegleitner, Managing Director of Phytobiotics, highlights key takeaways from the IQ Seminar 2023, which took place in Germany.
Video published on October 5, 2023
Kurt Wegleitner, Managing Director of Phytobiotics, introduces The Chicken Checker app that turns your own cell phone into a mobile analysis device, with which you can analyze the health of the chickens within seconds by taking a simple photo of a pile of feces. The analysis result is based on an elaborately collected database and is displayed to you with the help of a score specially developed fo ...
This member gave a presentation on September 20, 2023
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International Phytobiotics IQ Inside Seminar 2023
Video published on February 27, 2023
Kurt Wegleitner (Phytobiotics) comments on what his company can offer in terms of feed additives, in this interview during IPPE 2023 in Atlanta, USA.
He attended the event:
11/13/2018 - Germany
Kurt Wegleitner likes the comment:
I can only agree that one tends to overestimate the impact of water acidification in Salmonella control. Sure, it is one part of the concept to combat Salmonella. At least in Europe, the chances of introducing Salmonella into broilers via feed and water are minimal. That doesn't mean that biosecurity measures in those vectors shall be neglected (we are using formic acid based acidifiers in the dri ...
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Potassium diformate (KDF) is a specifically conjugated acid double-salt (HCOOH HCOOK), patented by ADDCON and traded as FORMI on the European and world-markets. Potassium diformate has been approved in the European Union as a non-antibiotic growth promoter for use in diets for piglets, growing-finishing pigs and in sows. It was also registered as the first replacement for in-feed antibiotics world ...
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Our understanding is that the salt from the Propionic acid the diformate of sodium keeps the acidity beyond the crop in the digestive system, instead the propionic acid wont last its effect of lowering the PH beyond the crop.
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