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Article published the May 29, 2019
Heat stress is a major welfare problem in poultry industry leading to huge economic losses every year, because of heavy mortality and decreased performance. High temperatures, especially when coupled with high humidity, imposes severe stress on broiler birds and lead to reduced performance. In the past few decades, a number of Ayurvedic herbal immunomodulators and antistressors have been extensive ...
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Article published the May 15, 2019
Vitamins and minerals are the key ingredients of the poultry ration and their role in normal body functions, growth, and reproduction is well known. Their supplementation in ration has given utmost importance but their extent of absorption and utilization by the birds are not of much concern. Therefore, we must also focus on the absorption and utilization of the supplied nutrients by the bird. The ...
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Article published the May 6, 2019
Role of Vitamin C is very well known to all. With other essential functions as vitamins, it also has a very role as antioxidant and stress buster. Although most of the farm animals can synthesize vitamin C in the body due to the presence of enzymes required for its synthesis but during periods of stress, such as immunological challenges, it has been reported that animal may have lower levels of an ...
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Article published the April 8, 2019
“The effect of the mycotoxins are diverse; varying from immune suppression”.All poultry species are affected by mycotoxins, so it is vital that commercial producers regularly assess and mitigate the threat to their production units. The effect of the mycotoxins are diverse; varying from immune suppression, inhibition of the absorption of vital nutrients, reduced productivity and even d ...
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Article published the April 8, 2019
“Digestive disorders in cattle directly affect the economics of dairy farm”Ruminants occupy an important niche in modern agriculture because of their unique ability to digest fibres or roughage efficiently. Rumen ecology play a vital role in the digestion, absorption and assimilation of ingesta in ruminants. Digestive disorders in cattle directly affect the economics of dairy farm due ...
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News published on February 4, 2019
Ayurvet Limited, a premier manufacturer and exporter of clinically validated natural healthcare products is exhibiting in VIV Asia 2019. Ayurvet is going to launch innovative product range for male fertility enhancer and gut function modulator. With more than 650+ research publication, Ayurvet solutions are adding valor worldwide. Developing solutions for food safety and security is our top prio ...
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Article published the January 30, 2019
Insects (ticks, mites, fleas, lice etc.) nuisance is not a new problem and well known to everyone since old age especially in the animals. Talking about cattle Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus is considered as one of the most widely distributed tick species ecto-parasite on livestock and causes fatal diseases with significant production loss.  It is posing major threat on economical m ...
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Article published the June 18, 2018
In today’s world safe and wholesome milk production is a challenge for the farmers with increasing incidences of different types of diseases and emergence of new and resistant pathogens due to indiscriminate and unjustified uses of antibiotics/ antimicrobials. When we are talking about the prevalent diseases Mastitis one of the major disease which cause trouble not only to animals and farmer ...
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Article published the May 14, 2018
During the past 20 years, there have been significant improvements in animal nutrition, housing, waste management, and mechanization, but little progress has been made in increasing reproduction. Unfortunately, there are no quick and easy solutions for improving reproductive performance. Livestock farmers generally appreciate the time and input costs required to grow animals from birth to market w ...
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