Abdul Qader Samsor
DVM, diploma in animal production
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DVM, diploma in animal production
Participation in Forum on October 11, 2020
Claudia Parys Do you think the above BF and true proteins in all the dairy breed cattle , because genetically some breeds has low bf content e.g. HF .thanks
Participation in Forum on September 23, 2020
Dear colleagues, Mastitis is a big problem in Dairy cows an goats in our circumstances, specially non clinical type in Cows and gangrene type in goats, but the treatment is mostly money burner and economically difficult for farmers, in my opinion, the prevention is very important. Regarding herbal application, I can say that how much will be the cost and will be available in the market and easy to ...
Participation in Forum on September 13, 2020
In my opinion this percentage is high, i will raise my points as bellow: 1- pregnancy diagnosis is very important, specially in Eidul azha or other festivals, it should be a program for this purpose, for small ruminants ultrasound is easy way. 2. good extension training programs for Farmers, butchers/ slaughter houses is essential. 3- research program must be available , 4- reduction of slaughte ...
Participation in Forum on September 3, 2020
What could be the white cattle for shown in picture , is it ssems like white fulani cattle? thanks
Participation in Forum on August 10, 2020
Dear Dr. Flamenbaum, in my opinion, besides enough drinking water provision, wetting and ventilation, there's provision of shadow (protection from sunshine radiation), thinking about the feed, less dry roughage to digest hardly, take more time for digestion and producing more heat. Thanks.
Participation in Forum on August 3, 2020
It is a good point that mentioned here , but in my opinion genetically the cows ,dogs and horses are not the same, related to HF cows we could mention that they are more sensitive to heat stress then other breeds of cows, in tropical and sub tropical condition how to keep this bred? if we try to keep cold the cows, need more cost due electricity, in these days the trade of HF to sub tropical count ...
Participation in Forum on June 1, 2020
It is good to hear about this organization, two years ago there are some individuals did business from Eroup (mainly Netherlands) to Afghanistan, but not very well documented, since the livestock busines is very sensitive compare to other goods must be well documented, especially from health point of viewe, the new enviroment for the animals and their feed and feeding systems, Afghanistan has subt ...
Participation in Forum on May 25, 2020
Mainly Leucaena leucocepala or ipel ipel is growing in tropical areas, it's adapted in most tropical condition, but depends on your condition. What research has been applied for some factors regarding digestibility and toxicity? Using this plant only as source of protien may cause some problem in dairy animals.
Participation in Forum on April 20, 2020
This is good and valuable research information.Lameness in Frisian breed in European countries also high than other breeds, beside of genetic could be depend on wet climatic condition, but in tropic and sub tropical climate not as high as temperate climate. feed and feeding may also have important rule. thanks
Participation in Forum on February 3, 2020
Good and valuable information, but depend on farm size, larger farms can produce more wast than medium and small farms, more waste could produce more biogas, but largely depend type of feed and feeding methods. Thanks.
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