Abdul Qader Samsor
DVM, diploma in animal production
- Vet in the field, Trainer, Livestock extension coordinator, project manager - provincial Management Advisor - livestock advisor - Dairy coordinator - Animal husbandry coordinator - consultant, TTL
DVM, diploma in animal production
Participation in Forum on June 1, 2020
It is good to hear about this organization, two years ago there are some individuals did business from Eroup (mainly Netherlands) to Afghanistan, but not very well documented, since the livestock busines is very sensitive compare to other goods must be well documented, especially from health point of viewe, the new enviroment for the animals and their feed and feeding systems, Afghanistan has subt ...
Participation in Forum on May 25, 2020
Mainly Leucaena leucocepala or ipel ipel is growing in tropical areas, it's adapted in most tropical condition, but depends on your condition. What research has been applied for some factors regarding digestibility and toxicity? Using this plant only as source of protien may cause some problem in dairy animals.
Participation in Forum on April 20, 2020
This is good and valuable research information.Lameness in Frisian breed in European countries also high than other breeds, beside of genetic could be depend on wet climatic condition, but in tropic and sub tropical climate not as high as temperate climate. feed and feeding may also have important rule. thanks
Participation in Forum on February 3, 2020
Good and valuable information, but depend on farm size, larger farms can produce more wast than medium and small farms, more waste could produce more biogas, but largely depend type of feed and feeding methods. Thanks.
Participation in Forum on October 27, 2019
My point is the rancidity of oil in this meal because the plant is high in oil, other is fat metabolism and ruminal digestion. Thanks.
Participation in Forum on May 5, 2019
Dear colleagues, most of the vets do not have information from homeopathy and the combination of medicine, only those who studied in homeopathy, but diagnosis of the problem/disease is very important. Homeopathy is not common in the curriculum, especially pharmacology of the faculty or colleges of veterinary. Thanks
Participation in Forum on March 10, 2019
First of all, congratulate catching position for ICC, I wish Dr. Ekachai successful technical life for Southeast Asia and Pacific. I don't know how much be effective for Afghanistan. Thanks
Participation in Forum on February 28, 2019
Well thought article, helpful for dairy farmers, but some of the bedding material like limestone or sand could not be beneficial for cultivated land, because of changing soil condition, thanks.
Participation in Forum on January 13, 2019
Good to hear about this disease related to dairy cattle, but my concerns is that, what dairy breed is very sensitive against this disease? Since nowadays the live animal business from dairy developing country to non-developed country is seriously running, but there are so many problems in imported or receiver country, especially in terms of feeding and housing, as well as proper selection of the c ...
Participation in Forum on August 2, 2018
Dear colleagues, diagnosis of subclinical mastitis in cattle is very crucial, environmental hygiene, body immunity and availability of VAX in teat orifices is very important for prevention, therefore nutritious feed for pregnant cow in dry period is needed. The way to diagnose is a good point. Thanks.
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