Article published the March 25, 2020
To a veterinary students and medical students these are very enticing words, words in vogue, discussion for passion. I will try to sum up the various points highlighting these terms. The problem seemed to have originated with the development of bread. Man thought of a trick to make bread. Yeast was carefully stored in moist cloth bundles and everyday the makers would inoculate their bread with yea ...
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Article published the March 25, 2020
Definition:“Immunotherapeutics is the therapy which is done on or by immune system on the same host or on a different host utilizing chemicals, hormones, cells or proteins". There are two types of effects that are produced by the chemicals or drugs on immune system. Immunodepressant:Chemicals/drugs that suppress the immune system . they are used in different diseases, eg as simple as allerg ...
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Article published the November 30, 2017
Tetanus is an acute, often fatal disease of the nervous system that is caused by neurotoxins (150 kDa polypeptide chain) produced by a rod-shaped, gram-positive, anaerobic and spore forming bacterium which resembles drumstick or tennis racket’s appearance called Clostridium tetani. The organism is ubiquitous throughout the world in soil and intestinal tracts of animals and human beings. &nb ...
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Article published the October 5, 2017
Aphthouszition Aphthouszition is an old, primordial, disease management system used for herd management in ancient times. It is a technique which has found some use in some countries of the world where economy of herd management is of poor. It is used in a poor resource setting and has been useful to some extent in other fields of veterinary science. Aphthouszition is the technique in which ...
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Article published the May 28, 2014
IntroductionBlood-feeding parasites have been reported to be the vectors of broad spectrum of disease agents since a long history. Ticks are one of those blood-sucking arthropods, responsible for a huge variety of heavy economic losses, caused by the direct effect of infestation, by injecting their toxins, through high morbidity and mortality, or by damaging the hides, and most importantly the red ...
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