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Dear Dr. Puneet and Dr. Ram Prasad! Greetings! Ayucal D contains Achyrancthes / Cissus quandragularis / Lepidum and some more herbal extracts which take care of proper utilisation of Ca++ and Phosphorus supplemented. These herbal extracts are particularly important for improving the retention of calcium in blood which may be utilised for proper bone and egg shell formation. When proper formulation ...
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6/28/2012 - Egypt
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Aviana Africa 2010
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Dear Carl, Our view is slight different from our pre-poster Mr. Ralph Ginsberg. What we found is Subclinical mastitis is seen up to 50% of cows. Most of the cases persist and depress milk production and lower milk quality. Subclinical mastitis causes a rise in the non-casein protein concentration of milk. This mainly caused by an increase in the concentration of serum albumin and immunoglobulin ...
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