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Can you re-write the Vitamin A dose? Vitamins and mineral supplements for subclinical mastitis are a very nice solution. I congratulate you.
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What type of carbohydrate does the ration contain?
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The type of carbohydrate in the feed (starch, glucose, maltose, sucrose, etc.) may affect liver metabolism and fat metabolism. For example;In cases where more fatty acids or carbohydrates are present immediately as fuel, VLDL is also made from endogenous triglycerides synthesized from fatty acids or carbohydrates in the liver and delivered to the blood.If lipoprotein synthesis in the liver is inhi ...
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Store vaccines at ideal temperature: 5°C refrigerated vaccines. Different single-components of combination vaccines should never be mixed in the same syringe by an end-user unless specifically licensed for such use. Single-dose vials and manufacturer-filled syringes are designed for single-dose administration and should be discarded if vaccine has been withdrawn or reconstituted and subsequent ...
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INTRODUCTIONHaemorrhagic septicaemia (HS) is a disease of cattle and buffalos (Abdulkadir, 1989) caused by 1 of 2 serotypes of Pasteurella multocida, designated B:2 and E:2 (FAO, 2015; IIL, 2015). The disease in cattle is prevalent in the tropics, particularly in the equatorial region of South East Asia and Africa, where outbreaks mostly occur during the rainy season (Dhanda, 1966; Anosa and ...
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A nice video about fish necropsy. Thank you.Could you send the necropsy form?
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How do you prevent microbial contamination from water? Is it appropriate to dispose of waste directly on the ground?
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Dear Alicia I would like to have detailed information about the importance of biosecurity in aquaculture. I'd be happy if you could help me with that. With all respect.
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Dear Alicia I like to learn in detail about the importance of biosecurity in aquaculture management . I will be happy if you help me in this regard. Lots of love and belated happy new year. Prof. Nihar Chattopadhyay
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