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Article published the November 9, 2017
IntroductionAquaponics is a combination of both hydroponics and aquaculture. Marine aquaponics system applies this technology to marine aquatic organisms and plants that can be grown in sea water systems. Aquaponics systems are a symbiotic system where fish effluent provides nourishment to plants, while plants, in return, filters toxic fish waste from the fish tank water. Salicornia is a halophyte ...
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The shoes of the visitor were put in a clothing rack, boots and labcoat provided to the visitor and before entering the facilities (the clothing rack is just in the door of the facilities) the visitor and everybody pass throught a footbath (pediluvio in Spanish) full with chlorine. So the shoes of the visitor were not cleaned because other shoes (boots) were provided before entering and because wi ...
Video published on December 30, 2014
IRTA researcher Alicia Estévez explains some of the practices adopted in a fish farm to reduce the risk of introduction and spread of pathogens in the facilities.
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