Dr. Zafar Ahmad
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (Gold Medalist) & Masters in Business Administration-Agribusiness
Product Manager-Natural Remedies Pvt Limited
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (Gold Medalist) & Masters in Business Administration-Agribusiness
Article published the April 29, 2015
Major advances in the fields of animal breeding, animal nutrition and husbandry practices have played a significant role in increasing the global milk yield over the last two decades meeting the overwhelming demand for milk and milk products. There have been continuous changes in the predominance of etiological of mastitis greater understanding of the host responses to intra-mammary infections and ...
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Dear Norman, Thanks for going through my article. Since, it is a topical application and wouldn't absorb into the body, Wisprec doesn't have any Withdrawal time which is the best part vis-a-vis conventional treatments. There is no need of milk withdrawl when you use this product.
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Well thanks for raising a pertinent question on Mastitis. We were referring to a natural solution with proven phytochemicals which has specific properties like anti-inflammatory and local anaesthetic properties. A product named Wisprec Spray from the pioneer company, Natural Remedies in India has shown promising results in treatment of udder inflammation. Wisprec has highly potent Phytochemicals w ...
Article published the December 9, 2014
Skin also known as the Integumentary System is, in fact, the largest organ of the body. It performs many functions that are important in maintaining homeostasis in the body. The skin also protects the body from physical damage and bacterial invasion. It’s one of the first systems that get affected when an animal becomes sick, so it is important for veterinarian to have a sound knowledge of t ...
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A comprehensive article which analyses every perspective of Methanogenesis in ruminants. It can be said that the contradiction between food security vs methane gas reduction is going to be the next big topic of debate in the coming decade.
Article published the September 12, 2014
Inflammation and infection are among the commonest buzzwords in veterinary practice. The fact that inflammation appears to play a major role in many diseases makes it the fieriest topic of discussion nonetheless inflammation protects and heals the body after an injury or infection. Inflammation is an amazing process that, from the surface appears swelling and can hurt, but it’s all part of m ...
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Article published the September 10, 2014
We have travelled a long journey from backyard dairy farming to a more systematic and organized dairy farming.An array of changes starting from improved genetic potential to better milk production and advanced management practices have made our country a stand out in the global dairy map. The famous Martin Luther King Jr. quote “All progress is precarious, and the solution of one problem bri ...
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Article published the August 14, 2012
Feed ingredients have witnessed an unprecedented rise in the prices in recent times. Current scenario of poultry industry demands a paradigm shift in the approach and attitude towards successful and sustainable business model which has least impact of such situations in near future. Contemporary poultry business model is thriving on the demand side factors which involve complete dependency on the ...
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