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Dr Mingan what are the benefits of xylanase in a soy-corn diet in broilers? Kind regards from the Dominican Republic
Article published the July 7, 2021
Summary: - A growing population that we have to feed by 2050, approximately 9,000 million inhabitants. - Climate change, global warming, atmospheric phenomena (Hurricanes, floods, prolonged drought that drastically affects grain crops). - Overfishing in our seas that are decimating and extinguishing some marine species.    Innovative ingredients of the future emerge from this scen ...
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Congratulations, Dra Ángel, you are a scientist who has made many contributions to the nutrition of monogastrics, it is a deserved recognition thanks to you and Dr. Adeola, we will soon be formulating with digestible phosphors and digestible calcium
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with the high cost of corn, soybean meal and yellow grease, we can use alternative sources of energy and protein, for example, broken rice, sorghum, wheat, pasta meal , bakery meal, whole soybean meal, poultry by-products , meat and bone meal, DDGS. These ingredients can help reduce costs without affecting the performance of our animals, in small amounts can be used cassava and sweet potato meal , ...
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As forum members, we have an environmental problem of overfishing and an accelerated population growth, we cannot remove a fish from the mouth of humans to feed a fish or other animals.
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Yellow grease is the result of recycling used oil from fast food restaurants and then waste animal fat from slaughterhouses for poultry, swine and cattle is added. Theoretically, yellow grease is filtered and stabilized with antioxidant, then stored for export. Some exporters have the nutritional profile. In fact, yellow grease may be contaminated with toxic waste such as water contaminated with b ...
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Excellent research I hope that Dr. Fateme continues to publish more research for the Engormix staff Dr. Fateme has a PhD in bird nutrition and is planning to do her post-doctorate. She is looking for a friendly university that accepts her
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China's high demand for corn and soybeans is due to the fact that they have overcome the African Swine Fever crisis faster than estimates that it was for 2023, in addition to the replacement of lost Stocks during the first months of Covid-19 in the first semester of the year and to comply with the tariff agreements established with the USA.China is expected to import a record amount of more than 1 ...
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Reuters - China’s strong return to the U.S. soybean market in recent months has single-handedly lifted U.S. farm exports to the Asian country to new records, and the heavy forward shipping schedule bodes well for the promises outlined in the Phase 1 trade agreement between the two countries. That agreement suggests China in 2020 will buy and import at least $36.5 billion worth of American a ...
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Dr Rose when an animal is stressed or challenged goes from normal metabolism to inflammation and immunometabolism the order of the amino acid requirements can vary because the requirements of a healthy animal are different from the requirements of the immune system and the order of the requirements is different example if the pathogen is an enteric bacterium it is different from a respiratory inf ...
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