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Dr Rose when an animal is stressed or challenged goes from normal metabolism to inflammation and immunometabolism the order of the amino acid requirements can vary because the requirements of a healthy animal are different from the requirements of the immune system and the order of the requirements is different example if the pathogen is an enteric bacterium it is different from a respiratory inf ...
News published on June 19, 2020
Joaquín Paulino (Animal Nutrition Consultant, Precision Animal Nutrition) will be one of the speakers at the Online Course on Pig Farming, organized by the Universidad Nacional de San Cristóbal de Huamanga in Perú. The event will be held on June 25th and 30th, and July 7th. His lecture will be "Modern Nutrition for the Modern Pig". Other experts that will participate in ...
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I recommend this ideal profile developed by the University of Kansas and I increase it according to the challenge of the farm and the proportion of piglets delayed.
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In this interview, Paulino commented on some of the topics covered in his recent presentation "Ultimate advances in the feeding of piglets" and offered advice on production during the COVID-19 crisis. 1. Can you talk about the importance of weaning weight in piglets and what an ideal weight would be? Wean at 3 weeks on average (18 - 23 days) with an acceptable weight of 6.5 kg. She must wean 3 ...
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Those diets that Carlos Avilan presented in the forum have been used for more than three years and the results are excellent and the piglets are in good health and without any deficiencies. We only use dairy whey and soy protein and soy bean meal and corn and fortify with synthetic amino acids.
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Forage legume leaf meal and other high-protein plants are good sources of vegetal proteins and I experimented in poultry and pigs with good results.
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Thank you very much Carlos Avilan
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The engineer Atuey Martínez has more than three years using the diets -presented here with the help from Carlos from Engormix- and is very happy with the results and as I inform you we are testing to replace the whey with the cane molasses and elaborate 100% vegetable diets
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Piglet pre-starter diets   Results CMAR Farm
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We are contemplating replacing the whey with molasses and sugar cane to produce a 100% vegetable diet.
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