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Dear Dr. Dr. Mohammad Afrouziyeh please send me your contact. I am interested in delving more about the non-linear formulation in monogastrics, my email is:
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Thank you very much Dr. Mohammad Afrouziyeh in my opinion non-linear formulation is the future of nutrition and will demonstrate to producers that the cheapest formulas are not necessarily the most profitable for the company and various ingredients that are discarded due to their high cost in linear programs will be used with good profitability in the future example: concentrated soy protein 90%, ...
Article published the September 30, 2021
Introduction:Due to the constant genetic evolution in both the production of broilers, nutritionists must constantly adapt their nutritional recommendations and feeding programs to maximize economic results at all times. These management and nutrition decisions must take into account: the animal (potential for growth), environmental conditions and the composition of the feed, which affect feed con ...
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Dear Martín, using a good mycotoxins binder is very important and a good antioxidant
Article published the September 22, 2021
Introduction Genetic companies using new advances in genetic engineering are working to achieve high-persistence brown and white egg layer hybrids capable of producing more than 500 eggs in a 100-week lay and molt-free period. 1-The quality of the shell is the main reason for a producer to discard a flock of layer. 2-The posture drop is the second. - The most important nutritional strategy is ...
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Dr Mingan what are the benefits of xylanase in a soy-corn diet in broilers? Kind regards from the Dominican Republic
Article published the July 7, 2021
Summary: - A growing population that we have to feed by 2050, approximately 9,000 million inhabitants. - Climate change, global warming, atmospheric phenomena (Hurricanes, floods, prolonged drought that drastically affects grain crops). - Overfishing in our seas that are decimating and extinguishing some marine species.    Innovative ingredients of the future emerge from this scen ...
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Congratulations, Dra Ángel, you are a scientist who has made many contributions to the nutrition of monogastrics, it is a deserved recognition thanks to you and Dr. Adeola, we will soon be formulating with digestible phosphors and digestible calcium
Discussion created on April 26, 2021
with the high cost of corn, soybean meal and yellow grease, we can use alternative sources of energy and protein, for example, broken rice, sorghum, wheat, pasta meal , bakery meal, whole soybean meal, poultry by-products , meat and bone meal, DDGS. These ingredients can help reduce costs without affecting the performance of our animals, in small amounts can be used cassava and sweet potato meal , ...
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As forum members, we have an environmental problem of overfishing and an accelerated population growth, we cannot remove a fish from the mouth of humans to feed a fish or other animals.
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