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Interesting. It seems perfectly logical to me that if you change the substrate flow into the caudal gut (by increasing the rate of digestion of e.g. starch and protein or altering the solubility or tertiary structure of NSP) the microbiome will rapidly adapt to this new ecology and reorient itself accordingly. However, I find it a little difficult to accept that the major mechanism of a xylanase o ...
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The livestock sector is responsible for providing healthy food to society and ensuring their health. Production is changing parameters and values of productive performance due to the obligation to replace the therapeutic approach with a more holistic approach in which good nutrition is necessary to eliminate those practices that are increasingly questioned. In animal nutrition, the holistic ap ...
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The nutritional quality of soybean meal is determined by several factors, one of these thermal treatments are performed during processing and producing the inactivation of toxic and / or soy antinutrients. There are several anti-nutritional factors that limit absorption a number of nutrients, reducing by more than 50% its nutritional value and carry negative digestive effects. Some of these factor ...
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Broilers and piglets 0-21 days of age have not matured their enzyme system, it is important to apply exogenous enzymes to improve the digestibility of the food, a cocktail of enzymes for example: -Amylase -Protease -Lipase -Xylanase -phytase -Suplentada a probiotic or prebiotic Some companies that manufacture additives should be interested in the elaboration of enzymatic cocktail.
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Prolapse can be corrected:   applying pelleted feed at the stage of growth and monitoring the growth curve. We must ensure that the pullets have the optimal weight at first light stimulation. Please contact me for more information
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The companies that sell grains and soybean meal (Broker) are buying soybean meal in Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay that are poorly processed and mixed with soybeam meal from United States, these soybean meal is called (Soybean meal rainbow) and is causing a syndrome rapid transit of feed in poultry and pigs, high feed conversion, diarrhea and stunting.
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Yellow grease is the result of recycling used oil from fast food restaurants and then waste animal fat from slaughterhouses for poultry, swine and cattle is added. Theoretically, yellow grease is filtered and stabilized with antioxidant, then stored for export. Some exporters have the nutritional profile. In fact, yellow grease may be contaminated with toxic waste such as water contaminated with b ...
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Consumption of oils and fats submitted to repeat thermal heating has an influence on plasma lipidic peroxidation, which becomes higher with increasing number of heating processes applied. also when the yellow grease is contaminated with mineral oil (oil for vehicles or engines) is difficult to measure, separate and quantify, to this is added waste soap industry that often is added.
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