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Dear All,formulating in Bestmix, I also considered the total Ca and dig./av. P for the added phytase; and energy (ME) and AA for the NSP enzymes only. On this way I estimated to be on the safe side, because the nutrient matrix values indicate the amount of nutrient that could be released when the enzyme is added.In the past 10 years it became a trend to request and offer “matrix values&rdquo ...
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Well, interesting, but I am not so optimistic: as I am from the country of limestone - Italy - I well know how large the variation in Ca digestibility can be among various geological origins of limestone, even without mentioning the particle size issue...The other question of giving Phytase a Ca value or not, in my experience when many years ago in Europe we started to give a Ca value to Natuphos ...
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In my viewpoint, you need to consider matrix value of Ca as well; otherwise, and as mentioned by others, Ca level in your diets incased that has adverse effect on Phytase. Below I added some considerations regarding Phytase and its matrix value. I hope this would be applicable. Factors affecting phytase activity Mineral contentAlthough doubted in some literature, high level of dietary calcium has ...
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Asaad Ahmed Elsabbagh Thank you, Dr Asaad, Trust enzyme producer= trust quality enzyme but concerning Matrix value affected by many factors, e.g. other added enzymes, the realty of calculated nutrients in feed ingredients and amount of feed safety margin
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after working in enzyme business for more than 20 years , we are very sure that the success of the enzyme depends mainly on how much you trust in your enzyme producer professionalism and how many true information he gives to you,, by which you can give your customer true matrix values for your enzyme, in the same time he can found the claimed benefits from your enzyme product , unfortunately mo ...
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Nowadays feed ingredients prices are constantly increasing, also protein and energy in feed/food have become expensive nutrients. Major challenge for nutritionist is to formulate highly performing feed with low price. People are also more concern impact of animal agriculture on environmental pollution. Using of exogenous enzymes in feed has been ongoing. Phytase enzyme is well known to maximum po ...
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Dr. Piotr Stanislawski You are right. Enzymes work all the time, but the extent of the effectiveness of enzymes depends upon many factors, briefly said as feed related, animal related and .....factors. For instance, the bird's growth rate has a huge potential to influence the extent of birds response to exogenous enzymes or nutrient composition or ingredient' makeup of the diet. So, the exogenous ...
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Please check If any enzyme is maybe in your concentration They could be included to decrease cost of components;; eg Phytase dose is much cheaper than phosphate as MCP or DCP to reach proper P level in concentrate If there is not included you can add it directly to the mixer together with concentration and cereals, etc
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Dr. Prakash Adhikari Thanks for your comment. The link for my YouTube videos on similar topics is
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