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2022 PSA Latin American Scientific Conference
News published on September 20, 2022
Confirmed Invited Speakers To view all of the speaker information visit the website: • Dr. Aaron Cowieson • Dr. Stuart Wilkinson • Prof. Alex Yitbarek • Prof. Brent Kaiser • Dr. Rick Kleyn • Prof. Martin Zuidhof • Dr. Wendy Muir • Dr. Peter Chrystal • Prof. Bob Swick • Prof. Tom Porter      & ...
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News published on July 21, 2022
The Poultry Research Foundation, in conjunction with WPSA -Australian Branch, cordially invites you to the 34th Australian Poultry Science Symposium at the Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park. The Australian Poultry Science Symposium is the premier avian science conference in Australia, attracting delegates from right across the country and around the world. This year our conference will focus on an ...
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Article published the July 1, 2022
INTRODUCTIONIn the United States and most parts the world, the biggest portion of poultry diets is comprised of carbohydrates, with corn being the main cereal grain used in the feed industry (Moran, 1982; Ai and Jane, 2016; Agristats, 2018; IGC, 2018). Corn is dried on the field or usually dried either by constant flow or batch drying after harvesting, so it could be included in poultry feeds. It ...
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Article published the December 22, 2021
Soybean meal (SBM) and canola meal (CM) are the main contributors to the protein fraction in poultry diets worldwide. However, these quality vegetable protein meals contain low molecular weight sugars (raffinose and stachyose) and cell wall pectic non-starch polysaccharides (NSPs), cellulose and hemicellulose (e.g. xyloglucans and mannans) which can be problematic. These NSPs are notorious for the ...
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Article published the December 22, 2021
Dietary protease supplementation has been observed to improve broiler growth performance and amino acid digestibility (Angel et al., 2011; Fru-Nji et al., 2011). Improvements in broiler energy utilisation have also been observed with supplemental protease (Sorbara, 2009; Freitas et al., 2011). These positive extra-proteinaceous effects may be influenced by age and diet type. In addition, these eff ...
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Article published the November 19, 2021
I. INTRODUCTIONWhile the inclusion of feed enzymes is routine in poultry fed sorghum-based diets, the effects of these enzymes are often muted or substandard, especially with phytase (Selle et al., 2018). The exact mechanism for this underperformance is not known, however, it is most likely caused by one or all of three key endogenous grain components: kafirin, phytate and phenolic compounds. Phen ...
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Article published the September 6, 2021
INTRODUCTIONVariability in the nutritional value of feed ingredients for poultry (and indeed other livestock species) has been widely reported over several decades and has been the impetus behind a sustained body of research work. For example, Sibbald and Slinger (1962), Mollah et al. (1983), and Leeson et al. (1993) reported variation in the apparent metabolizable energy (AME) content of corn (3, ...
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Article published the November 4, 2020
1. IntroductionSimilar to mammals, the liver in birds is involved in an array of metabolic and homeostatic functions and considered as a biochemical factory responsible for most of the synthesis, metabolism, excretion, and detoxification processes. It plays an important role in digestion and metabolism, regulating the production, storage, and release of lipids, carbohydrates and proteins [1]. The ...
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Participation in Forum on May 18, 2020
A couple of quick remarks on this topic. When phytic acid is hydrolysed by phytase and the mucosal phosphatases in the intestine the only two direct products of this are myo-inositol and phosphate. We have measured the appearance of both of these in multiple experiments and this is clear evidence of phytase efficacy and its compatibility with endogenous phosphatases in the intestine. All additiona ...
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