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INSTA-PRO International Based in Grimes, Iowa, Insta-Pro International develops industry-leading equipment for producing  chemical-free livestock and poultry feeds, vegetable oils and soy food products. We partner with university and independent researchers to optimize nutritional value for...
Article published the August 22, 2022
Today I would like to discuss the basics of how an extrusion facility works and how to calculate if the facility will be financially feasible. In this scenario, we will consider all the meal and oil produced is sold into the meal market.For starters, let’s say you are begin from scratch. You will need to invest in land, a building, and site infrastructure such as water, sewer, electricity, e ...
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Article published the July 5, 2022
Recently, a study was completed at Virginia Tech University comparing Insta-Pro ExPress® meal vs. Conventional SBM in layer diets.  As expected, the feed conversion ratio was improved when substituting ExPress® meal into the diet, from 1.927 to 1.892.  This is calculated by taking the feed intake by the egg mass.  When looking at the change in FCR and the different ingredien ...
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I would like to add a few more comments regarding making sinking vs floating fish feed. 1. Floating or sinking pellets are dependent on the formulation. Both the type of starch and inclusion rate of starch will make a shaped fish feed float. Generally, sinking pellets incorporate less starch and higher fat, with post-fat application likely. 2. Additionally, the type of die plate used will help wit ...
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Full fat soy will not texturize because there is simply too much oil. You can, however texturize partially defatted soybean meal (ExPress or Expeller) that has a residual oil content of 6-8%.
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Converting mash feeds into pellets typically improves FCR through reduced feed intake, while maintaining growth. Keep in mind pellet mills, expanders, and extruders all have different effects on ingredients and complete feeds. Also, different types of each exist, so know the impact of your specific type of processing on the end results by conducting feeding trials.
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Randy, The only way to know for sure if your ingredients can be mixed, extruded and cut in to fish pellets (floating or sinking), is through some R&D. At Insta-Pro (, in Des Moines, Iowa, we can work with you to develop the right pellet for your needs. You will need some sort of binding agent to hold all the ingredients together, such as corn or any cereal grain with a signifi ...
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