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AlzChem, is a German specialty chemicals producer, founded in 1908 AlzChem is the leading western creatine producer of creatine for human sports, fitness and nutrition since the 1990s. Since 2011 AlzChem sells creatine in the form of GAA (Creamino®) to the animal nutrition markets. AlzChe...
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Dr. John Thomson, U.S. Sales Manager for Feed Additives at AlzChem, highlights the different parts of the next evolution of Animal Nutrition. Creamino® increases the creatine supply to the cells and thus enables additional improvements in growth and health.
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The objective of this study was to evaluate if the supplementation of guanidinoacetic acid (GAA) either on top or included with an energy matrix in broiler feed, improves or equalizes the productive and economic parameters in broilers, respectively. The study was carried out in an experimental farm located in the department of Santander-Colombia and lasted 34 days. A total of 1088 Ross 308 AP day- ...
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Guanidinoacetic acid (GAA) as a source of creatine.1. Creatine is a naturally occurring component in the body of animals and is a critical component in energy metabolism.2. In contrast to other nutrients, creatine is stored in the muscle and directly reloads ATP for energy supply to the muscle. This is particularly important during periods of high energy demand and prevents the formation of reacti ...
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Omogbemi Benjamin Adeleke Yes it does. Unlike creatine, Creamino (guanidinoacetic acid) is stable during pelleting conditions and is not affected by heat or moisture. There is no degradation of Creamino during pelleting. It is also free flowing and non-dusty so disperses well throughout the feed.
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Omogbemi Benjamin Adeleke Recommended inclusion rate when added "on top" to a broiler diet is 0.06% or 600 g/ton.
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Creamino®, AlzChem’s source of creatine for animal nutrition, is now authorised in the US for use as feed additive for all types of poultry. The extension of the current feed additive status of guanidinoacetic acid – successfully progressed by AlzChem – became effective with publication in the Code of Federal Regulation in July 2021.Creamino® was originally approved for ...
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Frederic Paris Yes, Creamino is registered in Canada. If you contact me directly at david.nelson@alzchem.com I can provide contact information for our Canadian distributor.
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While there are other sources of GAA being offered in the market, Creamino is the one available directly from the manufacturer with in-house raw material production, end-to-end quality assurance, security of supply and backed by 30 years of creatine expertise. https://www.alzchem.com/en/agriculture/creamino
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It could be argued that animal nutrition as a global industry really kicked off when the idea of selling supplements to better balance out the nutritional values of feedstuffs began. Clearly, it was a landmark development.Another transformative moment came when the industry began to refine the concept of what it meant to keep an animal health, and to better understand how the proper functioning of ...
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Excellent article! Creamino has recently received FDA approval for all poultry species. In addition to the performance and yield benefits seen with broilers, improvements in fertility, hatchability and rate of lay has been seen when Creamino is added to broiler breeder and layer diets.
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