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Talaat Mostafa El-Sheikh Dear professor, in our case we use sub-products from olive oil extraction.
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Dear Zahed Abbasi Yes, A plant extract "stabilizaed" can replace an antobiotic. And I did say "stabilised". Stabilising a plant extract is not a simple task in batch manufacturing, and that is why there are still many doubts about the efficacy of natural products. We have been using for a long time with remarkable success an olive by-product extract with a high concentration of Maslinic Acid, wh ...
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Dr. Fiodor S. Marchenkov Camarada. ;-) I disagree with you. Betaine is an excellent molecule but It can not replace Choline 100%.
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Desra Eri In my humble opinion there are Choline's some functions that Betaine can't develop, sorry. As such both are needed in the feed formulas. Regards, Miguel.
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Dr Piotr Stanislawski 100%. Everybody speak about activity, but nobody about substrate. Is it enough substrate quantity for enzyme in the feed? If not, what is reason to increase enzyme dosage? Are enzyme's matrix values also depending on substrate content? How can we calculate this? A lot of complicated problems for nutritionists.
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Dr Piotr Stanislawski Hi Piotr!!! Nice to hear from you again! What is problem? Tr-inhibitor? Simply drop off SBM and replace it by SFM, add a little bit lysine, proper enzymes mix (you know what is necessary to add:)) and everything will be ok! Including protease, of course. My factory apply proteases mix, too: alkaline, neutral and acid protease. Any case it is possible to improve AA digestibil ...
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Edwin T Moran Dear Mr.Edwin, yes it is. The best way is to mix enzymes cocktail and hold it some time during 30 centigrades in thermostat. We perform this test during a half year. Activity of all enzymes was approx.80% or normal level. But protease was not DP-100, it was from another producer.
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S. M. A. Halim Dear Mr.Halim, I'm absolutely agree with you. But it's necessary to keep in mind that we can substitute with the herbal methionine approx. 50% of total added methionine. The rest of methionine any case is necessary to add in chemical form. FCR =1.35 in Bangladesh broilers is excellent result, my best congratulations!
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Dear Dr. Hargis, Would you please get in contact with me for a trial with in your Univ. with a pronutrient with a very high triterpene content, which has been tested in Spain as an anticoccidiostatic with very good results. Best Regards, Miguel.
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Miguel A Pérez thanks for your reply
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