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Arian khorshidi
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Participation in Forum on September 23, 2022
Hello where are you? which city? What brand do you have? Can you make a phone call to me
Participation in Forum on September 20, 2022
Hello It is reasonable to produce high-quality chicken meat without antibiotics, requiring the use of 1 probiotic, 2 prebiotic, 3 protease enzyme, 4 acidifier, 5 multi-enzyme, 6 amylase enzyme, and 7 phytase. Of course, all of this will work for a good quality chicken, which unfortunately is almost rare in Iran.
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In my opinion low stress of toxicity to support the immune system use of probiotics in feed to support the immune system.
Participation in Forum on September 17, 2022
Hello, where are you? You don't make your own concentrate? I believe you don't use methionine-lysine?
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May 30, 2022
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