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In my viewpoint, you need to consider matrix value of Ca as well; otherwise, and as mentioned by others, Ca level in your diets incased that has adverse effect on Phytase. Below I added some considerations regarding Phytase and its matrix value. I hope this would be applicable. Factors affecting phytase activity Mineral contentAlthough doubted in some literature, high level of dietary calcium has ...
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Dear Dr. Park W. Waldroup. MHA how much activity in broiler? 65-70% corrected?
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We have published research on herbal met the correct way with dose-response and found no met activity.
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Dear Rami Unfortunately still many of the nutrients in feed specification for poultry is crude, like CP , CF , EE and of course Ca. Ca is usually over supplied to the poultry diet from many sources like: Drinking water (as a rule of thumb poultry take water twice the feed intake) , Carrier in premix , concentrate , pro-prebiotics also as anti-caking agent in SBM. For example when you add 1 kg ...
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I think you should use calcium matrix value of phytase, otherwise, calcium to phosphorus imbalance (the ratio more than 2) occurs.
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Confidence interval do not negative; if that is negative or involved to 100 two product is same.
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Introduction Broiler diets consist basically of plant-derived ingredients. These feeds are characterized by having a large part of phosphorus in the form of phytate (Rostagno et al., 2011), which is poorly hydrolyzed by monogastric animals (Ravindran et al., 1995), which do not have a significant activity of enzymes such as phytase throughout the gastrointestinal tract. However, in addition to c ...
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Reply to Hamid Ibrahim Ismail; The basis of any meaningful trial to compare sources of a single nutrient must start from a situation where that nutrient is the one limiting the performance parameter being monitored. In this situation we are evaluating methionine (more accurately M+C) and its impact on laying performance ie egg numbers, weight, and total mass. One should usually choose a point in t ...
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INTRODUCTION One of the most important roles of animal production is to provide high quality protein for human consumption and, to achieve this proposal, animals should be fed correct proportions of high quality protein in the diets. Amino acids are key factors in animal nutrition since protocols used to evaluate protein quality are related to amino acid supply. Poultry feed formulation was unti ...
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Ashley Stephens, Technical Service Manager, Poultry Nutrition at Evonik Animal Nutrition, speaks about the main aspects of AMINONIR®. Evonik has developed specific calibrations for the prediction of crude protein, dry mater, essential, and non-essential amino acids for all major feed ingredients.
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