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Evaluation of methionine sources on performance and carcass traits of broilers at different dietary sulfur amino acid levels under northern European and middle Eastern conditions

Published: August 18, 2023
DL-Methionine (DL-Met, 99%) and liquid DL-2-hydroxy-4-methylthio butanoic acid (methionine hydroxy analogue-free acid, MHA-FA, 88%) are often used in commercial poultry feeds to meet the requirements for Methionine+Cysteine (M+C). However, differences in chemical properties and absorption decrease the relative bioavailability value (RBV) of MHAFA, which corresponds to 65% of DL-Met for performanc...
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Alireza rostamkhani
20 de agosto de 2023
there is nice report. We replaced in diet 65 part of DL-MET with 100 part of MHA in trial on 6000 broilers in iran. Results indicated that body weight and FCR were the same in both groups confirming 65% RBV of MHA.
Dr. Andreas Lemme
Evonik Animal Nutrition
21 de agosto de 2023
Dear Alireza, thank you for confirming the concept by an additional data set. I like to pronounce, that validating the equivalency of DL-Met and the methionine hydroxy analogue at 65:100 replacement ratio not only results in same animal performance but also in considerable cost savings when using DL-Met provided the price ratio between mentioned products is not 65%, which means the price of the hydroxy analogue is 65% as high as DL-Met.
Mike Stahl
2 de enero de 2024

Would anybody be able to show any differences in DL vs MHA in layers?

Martin Smith
Evonik Animal Nutrition
3 de enero de 2024

@Mike Stahl
Dear Mike. Actually, trials demonstrate the same bioefficacy level in all types of livestock, including Laying hens. There are numerous laying hen experiments - both in field conditions and at research facilities - confirming that 100 parts of MHA can be replaced by 65 parts of DL Methionine with no loss in performance but significant savings in feed cost. I can share these with you if you supply your email address, or alternatively you can contact your local Evonik guy. Happy New Year! Martin x

Mike Stahl
4 de enero de 2024
@Martin Smith

my email is rlcorganic@mcsnet.ca , if you can supply me with some lidature
that would be nice

also the contact for Evonik guy

thanks Mike
Dr Valeriy Kryukov
3 de enero de 2024
Dear sirs!
In general, researchers correctly establish in specific experiments the comparative effect of D,L-methionine and its hydroxy analogue, However, as I wrote earlier, it must be taken into account that D,L- unlike L-methionine stimulates the xenobiotic metabolism system, that is, it increases the body's protection from harmful substances entering the feed as "pollutants" and even an excess of vitamins.the effect of the hydroxyanalog of methionine in this direction has not been studied.
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