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Article published the January 9, 2023
I. INTRODUCTION Phytases have been heavily researched for decades and been used commercially since the early 1990s). Phytase from microbial origin is therefore added to monogastric diets as it can reduce the incorporation of inorganic P sources in the feed, reducing feed cost and P excretion in the environment. Phytate is the main storage form of phosphate in plant matter and in vegetable feed ing ...
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Article published the August 11, 2020
1. IntroductionPhosphorus (P) is an irreplaceable macroelement that regulates the metabolic and physiological functions of a living organism. It is known to take part in skeletal mineralization, as well as the formation of cell membranes, nucleic acids, and adenosine triphosphate [1]. Plants store P mainly in the form of phytate, which is not completely digestible by monogastric animals. Therefore ...
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Park W. Waldroup yes this is because FTU is measured at a pH of 5.5 in the method, while the phytase needs to work at lower pH levels. so any phytase which has a pH optimum at 2-4 will have a high activity but might have a lower FTU analysed at pH 5.5 compared to a phytase which has a pH optimum at around 5.5 but much lower activity at pH 2 to 4.
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in our many studies involving numerous phytase products, it seems like the term FTU is totally meaningless. supposedly 500 FTU from phytase A should be equal to 500 FTU from phytase b but seldom is.
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yes I have many time. it is not a bad product however the economics of it mostly ends up negative - meaning there is no or very little return on investment. unless you want to make omega 3 meat or products - then it is a better choice than fish oil or linseed oil as the off-flavour is less.
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