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1. Introduction Phosphorus (P) is an irreplaceable macroelement that regulates the metabolic and physiological functions of a living organism. It is known to take part in skeletal mineralization, as well as the formation of cell membranes, nucleic acids, and adenosine triphosphate [1]. Plants store P mainly in the form of phytate, which is not completely digestible by monogastric animals. Therefo ...
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Park W. Waldroup yes this is because FTU is measured at a pH of 5.5 in the method, while the phytase needs to work at lower pH levels. so any phytase which has a pH optimum at 2-4 will have a high activity but might have a lower FTU analysed at pH 5.5 compared to a phytase which has a pH optimum at around 5.5 but much lower activity at pH 2 to 4.
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in our many studies involving numerous phytase products, it seems like the term FTU is totally meaningless. supposedly 500 FTU from phytase A should be equal to 500 FTU from phytase b but seldom is.
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yes I have many time. it is not a bad product however the economics of it mostly ends up negative - meaning there is no or very little return on investment. unless you want to make omega 3 meat or products - then it is a better choice than fish oil or linseed oil as the off-flavour is less.
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