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MSc Animal Nutrition and Feed Science
Participation in Forum on July 28, 2020
Congratulations Prof and keep up the good work!
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ARLINGTON, Va. – July 23, 2020 – The American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) honored two individuals in the animal science field this week at the American Society of Animal Science (ASAS)–Canadian Society of Animal Science–Western Section ASAS virtual annual meeting and tradeshow. Martin Nyachoti, Ph.D., of the University of Manitoba (U of M), received the AFIA-ASAS Non-R ...
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Doug Korver (University of Alberta) explained how to better evaluate the use of this enzyme in the nutrition of laying hens, during IPPE 2020 in Atlanta, USA.
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Branko Stuburic Nitrogen emissions contribute substantially to the carbon footprint of dairy farms. N2O is the most potent greenhouse gas (265 CO2 equivalents), higher than methane (28 CO2 equivalents). Optimizing the amino acids supply with methionine from Mepron and reducing the dietary CP level leads to increased nitrogen efficiency (milk protein N per N intake) and lower N emissions and low ...
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Shahzaib Shakeel One half of DL-methionine is already L-methionine. D-methionine is transformed to L but at a slow rate so that the D-form acts as a potential reservoir for L-Met.The downside of using an analogue is that it is not methionine. It needs to be converted to methionine which consumes energy which is a downside on particular under heat stress conditions. The analogue is a 50:50 mixture ...
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Dear Branko Stuburic , the same aspects apply to protected lysine as well. It needs to be well protected from microbial degradation but release the lysine in the small intestine for absorption. A combination of methionine and lysine and one product is convenient from a handling aspect (just one product, not two). It it not the most economical solution because you can't adjust methionine and lysine ...
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Niyi Balogun Agreed, The inclusion rates of the full fat soya you suggest could be somewhat problematic in pelleted feeds particularly in cases where desirable pellet durability index is 90% or higher. Similarly, such high amounts would not be ideal in starter rations for broilers as the chick GIT is not fully developed to deal with the imbedded oil in the full fat soya. When using full fat soya, ...
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A couple of quick remarks on this topic. When phytic acid is hydrolysed by phytase and the mucosal phosphatases in the intestine the only two direct products of this are myo-inositol and phosphate. We have measured the appearance of both of these in multiple experiments and this is clear evidence of phytase efficacy and its compatibility with endogenous phosphatases in the intestine. All additiona ...
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In reference to calcium, the enzyme makes more available what is already supplied by the ingredients but it cannot add something that does not contain. So, if we work our formulations based on total calcium, I tend to agree with Rami Sebai that the phytase enzyme must not have a calcium value.On the other hand, if we formulate for available calcium, as we do with phosphorus, we should include a ca ...
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In some companies, fertility and hatchability start to decrease during the last weeks of production, for example after 50 weeks, at the same time there is a loss of feathers in the back or there is an overweight of the egg. How can we improve fertility and hatchability in the last phase of production of broiler breeders? To improve fertility and hatchability we must evaluate three important points ...
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