Article published the November 25, 2019
Introduction Quail farming is very important for providing jobs and producing high quality protein at a low cost. Nutrition during the growing phase of the birds can influence their performance during the production phase. Most research has focused on the nutritional requirements of quails during the laying phase and there is little information about requirements during the growing phase. Quails ...
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Discussion created on November 16, 2019
Digestible lysine in diets for primiparous lactating sows. ESCOBAR OCHOA, José David, M.Sc Adviser: Juarez Lopes Donzele. Sixty commercial hybrid first litter sows, during lactation (20, 2 ± 0, 13 days), with average body weight of 183, 6 ± 1,46 kg, were used to evaluate digestible lysine intake (DLI) (45; 50; 55 e 60 gr/day). The feed intake was kept at 5.0 kg /day. A complet ...
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Heidi, your comments confirm my considerations regarding the low number of animals and repetition that were used in your study. It should be considered that scientific rigor in the work is of fundamental importance to ensure, with a certain degree of confidence, the repeatability of the study results when transferring to farms at field level. As for your question specifically about my experience i ...
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I agree with Dr Pablo regarding the low number of piglets per experimental unit. I think the number of repetitions (6) is also very low for piglets. These details contribute to increase the coefficient of variation, which may compromise the statistical analysis of the data. Interestingly, although there was no significant variation in consumption and feed conversion, weight gain varied significant ...
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Dra. Mathilde, sujeto de interés en la producción porcina. Aprovechando su comprensión sobre el tema, me gustaría su opinión sobre el riesgo de NEOFOBIA, es decir, los estimuladores del apetito pueden tener el efecto contrario en los lechones después del destete, reduciendo la ingesta de alimento si el estimulador no está incluido en el alimento proporcionado a estos animales durante la lactancia ...
Article published the September 24, 2019
INTRODUCTION The post-weaning period may be considered critical for piglets, once they are submitted to several stress situations (SOBESTIANSKY et al., 2001) such as environmental changes (new facilities and/ or environmental temperatures), removal from the sow, replacement of liquid with solid diets, and social tensions arising from getting animal grouped back after being separated (FERREIRA et ...
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Dr Peter, thank you for your clarification. However, the question remains whether carnitine decreases oxidative stress, while also acting to increase CPU activity in heat.
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For Rose, my point is that your work has shown that reducing crude protein in feed is not as simple as it may seem. This is because factors such as immune challenge and environmental stress, such as high temperature, are factors that alter the relationships of some essential amino acids with lysine, highlighting the dynamic character of the ideal protein. This detail reveals that in order to obtai ...
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Congratulations on the article, considering the importance of the revised article. I take this to reaffirm some points that I mentioned earlier. Based on the information contained in this review, it can be perfectly deduced that, in practice, the reduction in feed crude protein, which is based on the ratio of essential amino acids to lysine, is the ideal protein for the animal category in question ...
Article published the September 9, 2019
Introduction The association of all the stressors related to early weaning of piglets results in reduction in daily feed intake, especially during the first week. The interruption of feed intake in this phase results in intestinal villous atrophy and increased crypt depth (Pierce et al, 2005). According to Pinheiro & Machado (2007), the performance of piglets in the first week after weaning ...
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