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Guillaume Trepo, message of interest for understanding the matter at hand. However, with regard to the compatibility of the action of the protease with the different carbohydrates, exactly one of the ones that has the greatest action on the soy fiber, mannanase, was missing. The relevance of this detail is related to the fact that the fiber soybean, admittedly, has a negative effect on the swine m ...
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Raquel Araujo, interesting and coherent information. However, I would like to ask a question about the nature of the protein, specifically that of soy. It is known that the gastric digestion of soy protein, produces a series of peptides with an action of importance for the health of the animal, as an antioxidant, of increasing the phagocytic capacity of macrophages, among others. Thus it can be de ...
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Kostas Mountzouris, taking advantage of your knowledge on the subject, I would like to know about the possibility of a certain strain of microorganism used as a probiotic, transferring possible resistance to a certain antibiotic to the resident microorganisms. And the importance of identifying, that the strain used as a probiotic produces the enzyme BSH, which would be harmful in the use of the li ...
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Dr Valeriy Kryukov, considering his reports and that, in several regions of the globe, the incidence of mycotoxins in the ingredients normally used in the preparation of feed for poultry and pigs is high, the use of DL-methionine may provide a better result compared to L- methionine. And that, this pattern of result would be more consistent in farms with a low level of health challenge in which th ...
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How 2000 FTU vs 1000 depend upon 2 things: Total P of diet or level of PP. when limited, high dose phytase not to perform; The Phytase, not all one same, specially for pig. wide pH profile win longer time to digest PP.
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Valeriy Kryukov, interesting and important for your information regarding the specific action of D-Methionine in the induction of cytochrome P450. In this case, in regions with a high incidence of mycotoxin in the feed ingredients, especially corn, the efficiency of the use of DL-Methionine by birds should not be greater than that of L-Methionine. This considering, farms with low level of health c ...
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Valeriy Kryukov, I understand your considerations and agree with your views. It turns out that the objective of the work was to review, among other possibilities and implications, such as the use and metabolism of some amino acids by intestinal cells, are influenced by enteric diseases and some specific amino acids in the diet. I think that the authors do not have the vision, that the adjustments ...
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Valeriy Kryukov, with his considerations on this subject, reinforces what I think about his vision and preference for basic research. In the specific case of this work, this preference is evident in his considerations about FITIN and about the activity of FITASE in the gastrointestinal tract, which are not essential parameters for the conclusion of this study. And how much your suggestion to evalu ...
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Oluitan Oladiran sorry for the mistake, I sent you the information from the experiment that we conducted in the thermoneutral. Now I send the correct information temperature and humidity were kept at35 °C and 55–66%, respectively, in experimental chambersduring the entire experimental period (8–21 days of age), fea-turing a high temperature environmental condi ...
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Dr Kryukov, I do not intend to dispute the issue, but in my understanding we have two main focuses in research, namely, basic and applied. I realize, from your considerations, that your vision is the advancement of science by science, generating basic information, without concern for the applied character of the research. . I respect your opinions, but I do not agree with all of them because I und ...
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