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Dr. S.V. Rama Rao¹, and the research team of the project, I congratulate the work carried out, where the treatments, the repetitions and the number of birds per experimental unit have been defined. As proposed, I suggest that in the discussion of the results, the positive effect of the enzyme on the possible improvement of the microbiota, resulting from the hydrolysis of PNA with the production of ...
Article published the June 4, 2021
DESCRIPTION OF PROBLEM Quail egg production is an important market for human consumption in some countries, including Brazil, China, and Japan. Studies are very important to enable a rational production for information on setting a correct feeding program for these birds. The level of a single essential amino acid that is either deficient or in excess may result in a diet that does not optimize t ...
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Article published the June 1, 2021
INTRODUCTION Besides genetic improvement, there are several factors that influence performance and carcass traits of pigs and among them is the amino acid requirement. To obtain high muscle protein deposition rate in pigs genetically improved it is necessary to determine the standardized ileal digestible lysine (SIDL) requirement to ensure the diets allow expression of their maximum genetic poten ...
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Ricardo Hume, as birds respond to the supplementation of a certain essential amino acid, only as long as their concentration in the feed remains below the ideal relationship with lysine, established in the ideal protein for the specific animal category. It can be concluded that the requirement values of methionine plus cystine established in this study, are valid only for diets with similar values ...
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Anjan Mondal, I WOULD LIKE TO MAKE SOME CONSIDERATIONS; -In the item strategies for modulating the intestinal flora, in the second paragraph, I think that the effect of increasing the grain size on the gizzard size is not the increase in the motility of the intestine, which would not even have a positive effect on the digestibility of nutrients as mentioned. I believe that the increase in the size ...
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Prof. Bruno Silva, I fully agree with his considerations, and I congratulate you on the relevance of your line of research. Success Best Regards
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Dear Prof. Donzele,Your comments and observations are very much appreciated. I utterly agree with you that understanding properly the ideal feeding pattern of sows under heat stress or thermoneutral conditions is essential to establish an ideal feeding program from a formulation and a feeding management perspective. Our findings, which will be more discussed in the coming videos, indicate that pro ...
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DR John Htoo, I think I was not clear enough in my considerations. My considerations were exactly highlighting the merit of the work for having used a suboptimal level of lysine. The suggestion that I made of using a reference treatment with lysine level in the animal's requirement, would be just to prove that the level of lysine in the test diets would be below the animal's requirement. I underst ...
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Dr John Patience, for his great experience in experimenting with pigs, would like to know your opinion, specifically about the Ca: P relationship in pig feed. Based on the results of studies conducted by our team, aiming to evaluate the requirement of Ca and P for pigs, we found that if the Ca level of the feed is not above the animal's requirement, the Ca: P ratio can vary considerably without ne ...
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