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MSc Hons Livestock Management
I am managing one unit of 2000 exotic cross bred and pure Holstein friesian bred animals. I following Nutrition, cow comfort, bio security and daily routine management practices,
MSc Hons Livestock Management
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What will be better, glycine or methionine Hydoxy analog chelate?
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What about use of exogenous enzymes e.g cellulase and xylanase data showed that supplement of these enzymes increase digestibility of ndf more than 15%
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Sir, can you please share the concentration/percentage of niacin in protected niacin product with which you had carried out the trial? This would help us determine the dose of the products available with us when compared to simple niacin.Regards.
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A wonderful article for me. I always listen to you at Hoards Dairy man Webinar. Sir, in this article you mention rumen protected Niacin Dose 2-3 gram but RP niacin companies recommending 10-20 gram.
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Israel Flamenbaum ok thanks sir glad to see you that you are PHD in AS i am also BSc Hons In Animal Sciences
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Dear, it was wonderfull article for us who always believe that pregnancy is inversely proportional to production, but this article changes my concept to think more forward. Could you explain that in this research other factor than cooling which may also contributing in these result like in top group may b they are feeding well ballanced diet proper ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acid saturated ...
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Muhammad Yousaf very easy
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Respected Sir this was a very informative article for me, i am interested in to learn more on this topic from you
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