Syed Hassan Raza
I have 35 years experience of dairy and meat production and project management. I do consultancy for farmers. Executed national and international projects in capacity building and farm development.
Article published the July 27, 2018
IntroductionThe rural economy and livings are mainly dependent on livestock related activities. Livestock and poultry sectors play a major role in Pakistan’s agriculture based economic setup. After the textile, this industry is the second biggest industry and main source of earnings. At present Livestock sector is contributing about 12% in GDP and 52% value added share in agriculture (Anon., ...
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Article published the May 23, 2018
IntroductionMastitis is a worldwide problem of dairy production characterized by physical and chemical changes in milk. The microbiological and pathological changes in the glandular tissue of the udder alter the quality of milk. Mastitis has emerged as a health hazard responsible for the economic losses in dairy animals (Cady et al., 1983). It has been noted that amongst all diseases, mastitis is ...
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Article published the December 28, 2017
For the success of any industry, an efficient marketing system is prerequisite but unfortunately, livestock marketing sector is facing challenges in Pakistan. There is need to devise an efficient marketing system for the marketing of live animals, milk, meat, leather and other byproducts. Efficient marketing systems boost the production and bring more investments and technologies for the growth of ...
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You are welcome always
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The colostrum is important for calves. The management and feeding during DRY period and geneics of the cow both affect the colostrum quality. The quality can be checked by testing the passive immunity in any lab. The Sp garavity has nothing to do with it. It is only ratio between weight of two equal volumes. .
Participation in Forum on November 21, 2014
Dear In the late pregnancy (30 to 0 days before pregnancy) the size of fetus pushes the ruman and a depression in intake is common. It can be cured using the high density diets to fulfill animal requirements. In your case although you have provided little information it seems either ruman displacement or calf has moved to ruman side (torsion) and pressing the ruman. Provide green and laxative d ...
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This discussion has been done many times. China has published a report on it. I think only balance and time to time change according to thie lactation stage is needed to build better feeding strategy.
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Dear Nadeem contact me on
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Dear Nadem To improve the milk quality you should be clear that what you mean by it. Hygienic or better composition. All depend on farm and feeding management. It is quite simple but needs professional approach. You can contact me in this regard.
Article published the January 21, 2014
IntroductionPakistan is comprised of large number of livestock population with a contribution of more than half 50 % value added share in the agricultural GDP. Livestock are the back bone of the socio-economic structure of the small land holders in the rural areas of the country (Raza and Rowlinson 2004; Raza et al., 2000 and Sultan et al., 2007, ). The land allocation for livestock production is ...
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