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This member gave a presentation on May 11, 2023
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Animal Nutrition Conference of Canada 2023
Article published the August 26, 2021
IntroductionNursery pig diets have been conventionally formulated with animal protein sources and dairy products (e.g., fish meal, plasma meal, and whey protein). However, this has resulted in a complex diet composition and high feed costs. Many attempts have therefore been made to simplify the conventional complex diet by increasing the proportion of soybean meal as a way to save o ...
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Article published the July 26, 2021
IntroductionIn swine industry, the weaning transition is a complex period during which the piglets have to cope with abrupt separation from their dam, mixing with other litters in a usually new environment and switch from highly digestible feed (milk) to a less digestible more complex solid feed; hence weaning is a stressful experience for the piglets involving nutritional, psychological, environm ...
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Article published the June 25, 2021
BackgroundCanola is an offspring of rapeseed which belongs to the cabbage family or Brassicas. The genus Brassica also contains plants such as cabbage, radish, kale, mustard and cauliflower [10]. Rapeseed oil contains around 25- 45 % erucic acid whereas the meal contains about 110- 150 μmoles/g of aliphatic glucosinolates [12]. Rapeseed was cultivated more than 3000 years ago in India and 2000 ...
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Article published the March 11, 2021
The objective of this experiment was to determine the effects of dietary crude protein (CP) content and crystalline amino acids (CAA) supplementation patterns on the growth performance of weaned pigs under clean (CSC) or unclean sanitary conditions (USC). One hundred forty-four piglets (6.35 ± 0.63 kg BW) were housed under CSC or USC for 3 wk and assigned to 1 of 3 diets: a high CP (HCP; 21 ...
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News published on July 23, 2020
ARLINGTON, Va. – July 23, 2020 – The American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) honored two individuals in the animal science field this week at the American Society of Animal Science (ASAS)–Canadian Society of Animal Science–Western Section ASAS virtual annual meeting and tradeshow. Martin Nyachoti, Ph.D., of the University of Manitoba (U of M), received the AFIA-ASAS Non-R ...
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Participation in Forum on February 18, 2020
kryukov Thank you! Will certainly take a look at your review paper as we have a big interest in this area as well.
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