News published on April 4, 2017
Latin American Scientific Conference In October, 2016, the Poultry Science Association successfully held its first-ever Latin American Scientific Conference in Campinas, SP, Brazil. One of the highlights of this conference was the symposium Update on Calcium and Phosphorus Digestibility in Poultry: Different Approaches and Implications. Video recordings of the following presentations from that ...
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Article published the March 10, 2017
  Introduction Weaning removes young pigs from the passive immune protection they receive from the milk of the sow and increases their susceptibility to enterotoxigenic E. coli infection [1]. Earlyweaned pigs often exhibit an underdeveloped immune system, digestive disorders and post-weaning diarrhea [2]. Enterotoxigenic E. coli not only colonize the small intestine, but can also relé ...
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