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Pelleted feed does have some additional impacts at least for pigs that must be considered to optimize the value of the pelleting process. First, pelleted diets cause a loss of pH strata in the gut of the weaned pig and changes retention time in the stomach. This has implications for effectiveness of the stomach in barrier function against Salmonella, E. coli, etc and can lead to ulcer development. ...
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Dr.OGUNWOLE, OLUGBENGA Yes, it is, but there is another explanation. Methionine is not direct detoxicant. But (similar to betaine) it plays important function in liver methylation cycle and protect liver cells against osmotic stress. Thus, it protect liver hepatocytes and makes better methabolic condition for hepatocytes cytochrome-P 450. So, direct detoxication enzyme is P-450 oxidase, and dire ...
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Professor Afrouziyeh, very interesting and ingenous approach to maximize profit. A step forward from simply minimizing the cost of the feed. Excelent and detailed explanation on how to build the excel sheet.
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