Article published the November 16, 2017
Introduction It is generally thought that as diets are ground to a smaller mean particle size, a linear improvement in nutrient utilization and pig performance will be observed. Research has demonstrated this benefit when particle size is reduced from 1,000 microns to approximately 600 microns. However, further reduction of particle size below 600 microns has not shown consistent benefits when fe ...
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Article published the November 2, 2017
Introduction The increase in litter size over recent decades has reduced the uterine space available for fetal growth and development, thus reducing individual piglet birth weight. Consequently, lower birth weight reduces piglet survivability, wean weight, and market weight. However, few nutritional options have been identified to mitigate reduced birth weight. There is evidence that increasing f ...
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Article published the September 14, 2017
  Gut remodeling after weaning Heo et al. (2012) provide an excellent review of the gastrointestinal changes that occur in weaned pigs after weaning. As a brief summary of their review, the gastrointestinal changes at weaning include: Increased stomach gastric pH because of decreased acid secretion capacity and decreased lactic acid production due to lowered lactose intake. These changes ...
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Participation in Forum on March 16, 2017
High doses of phytase have shown benefits in several experiments with nursery pigs. While I believe that some of the benefit is due to release of other nutrients, I also believe that pigs were under their phosphorus requirements in many of these studies. Thus, providing high doses of phytase allows maximum phosphorus release. Thus, there is good evidence that we should consider high doses, especia ...
Article published the March 10, 2017
Q: What have been the most interesting findings in your latest researches on minerals? A: I will break it down into a couple of major areas. Recently, we've done a lot of work on calcium and phosphorus, in terms of major minerals, and also with sodium and chloride levels. First on the calcium and phosphorus: in terms of phosphorus requirements, what we are finding is that the pigs in the fiel ...
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News published on October 21, 2016
Helping swine producers reduce costs and remain profitable is at the heart of Kansas State University’s Swine Day program planned for Thursday, Nov. 17.   Swine Day 2016 will kick off with a technology trade show that opens at 8 a.m. at the K-State Alumni Center, 17th and Anderson Ave., in Manhattan. The program begins at 9:30 a.m. and includes lunch. The day wraps up with a reception ...
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Article published the September 9, 2016
  Introduction Deoxynivalenol (DON), also known as vomitoxin, is a mycotoxin commonly found in wheat, corn, and other cereal grains. During wet, cool periods of the growing season, Fusarium graminearum forms a head blight, producing DON as a secondary metabo­lite. Because DON occurs frequently and at toxicologically relevant concentrations and pigs are the most susceptible livestock spe ...
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Article published the July 18, 2016
Originally published on KSU Swine Day, Volume 1, Issue 7 Introduction The proper vitamin and trace mineral supplementation required to optimize performance, but also minimize unnecessary cost, is an area of limited knowledge for production nutritionists. Most commercial diets are formulated well above NRC requirement estimates to maintain a margin of safety needed with potential ingredient ...
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Article published the May 5, 2014
IntroductionEscalating costs of typical swine feed ingredients such as corn and soybean meal has created a demand for producers to consider feeding diets containing higher levels of byproducts to nursery and finishing pigs to reduce feed cost. However, these alternative feed ingredients are generally higher in fiber and lower in dietary energy compared to the cereal g ...
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