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Endotoxins are very dangerous bacterial metabolites within the animal system. All efforts must be on deck to prevent this pathological condition in all livestock. Endotoxins not only causes abnormal tissue discoloration but also causes abnormal taste in meat and egg since they find their ways into the blood streams and vascular systems of livestock. This results in poor keeping quality of livestoc ...
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Fagbuaro Sola Sunday My apologies for disappointing you by the vague answer. Yet, meat quality is a broad category including color, texture, taste, pH and many more. Lipid, as I mentioned above, is a major factor for meat quality regarding to intramuscular fat content, tenderness/firmness, juiciness and even the shelf life of the meat. It’s known that endotoxins influence the TNF-a, IL-1, IL ...
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Fagbuaro Sola Sunday Thanks for your comments. So far, the effects of endotoxin on the meat quality may be still obscure. However, given the fact that endotoxins are related to liver injuries and induce an innate/specific-immune response that influence the lipid metabolism, I would not be surprised if endotoxins make an impact on the meat quality by either way.
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