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Yahya Sabah Abdulameer
I am Ph.D IN FEED HYGIENE , Veterinary medicine college , veterinary public health , AlQassim Green University
Article published the July 23, 2019
IntroductionThe effects of thermal stress (TS) on chickens have been widely explored due to their relation to economic losses and animal performance retardation. Modern broiler chickens strains have greater sensitive to high temperature than old strain (1). A high temperature is one of the major stressors linked to economic losses to the poultry industry (2). It causes bad growth performance (3), ...
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Article published the June 4, 2019
INTRODUCTIONNow a day, there are limitations on the use of antibiotic because of its resistance development after prolonged consumption. So there is constant search and development for the new other alternatives such as prebiotics, probiotics and phytobiotics1-4. The principal site for digestion, nutrient assimilation and energy harvest is small intestine. These absorbed nutrients are directly con ...
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Article published the December 3, 2018
IntroductionThe first days of life are very critical for gastrointestinal (GI) maturation and immunity development, especially for high yield breeds. However, in commercial hatchery practice the birds within this period exposures for many stressors, such as newly hatched chicks remain for up to 36 hours after hatching before they are pulled from hatching cabinet and then it followed by hatchery pr ...
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Article published the October 30, 2018
1. IntroductionThe newly hatched chicks may be more acceptances to pathogens and oxidative factors because their immune system is still immature in early period of life. Delay in collection chicks from hatchery trays can culminate immunity and oxidative stress of the newly hatched chicks. Furthermore, it is believed that high yield breed, although advantage to industry, have put more problems on t ...
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Article published the October 5, 2018
INTRODUCTIONThe improvement of the immune system and intestinal safety is associated with high production in a new strain of broilers (1), there for all methods that enhance these systems were studied deeply and we need to discover other strategies to create a balance between bird health and production. Although there are potential discussions about the use of some methods such as antibacterial su ...
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Article published the October 4, 2018
1. IntroductionHistorically, biological active substances in herbal plants are considered the main sources for preventing and treating infectious diseases. They are also applied as protective drugs in human. Many investigators have explained that some herbal plants have biological active materials are able to increase animal production and act as antibacterial drugs [1,2]. The attention on herbal ...
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Participation in Forum on March 18, 2016
The herbal plant as feed additives is one othe solution which may play a role in preventing many disease and enhancing of immunity . The used some alternative for litter floor rearing to reduce of ammonia is necessary for Arabic area .
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