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Poultry diseases...PHD
Poultry diseases lab diagnosis ,treatment, advice for farmer by good bio-security .
Poultry diseases...PHD
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Elise Myers (MSD) spoke on the evolution of vaccines and tolerance of anticoccidials, among other topics, during the 1st PoultryUniverse Coccidiosis Congress in Curitiba, Brazil.
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Good, this my suspected because I use it complex and gives me a good result.and can you give me your research for my email to read it last time. Dr.
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INTRODUCTION The improvement of the immune system and intestinal safety is associated with high production in a new strain of broilers (1), there for all methods that enhance these systems were studied deeply and we need to discover other strategies to create a balance between bird health and production. Although there are potential discussions about the use of some methods such as antibacterial ...
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Dear Dr. Ahmed, thank you for your comments. Trust that most of the vaccine from good producers are good as they have been tested for efficacy and safety. The efficacy evaluates by challenge SFC with high pathogenicity ND strain to allow the vaccine to be used in the market. Also, keep in your mind these vaccines have been working well against ND for a long time, the problem in these days we have ...
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Route of vaccination to be administered is also an important factor for immune response and duration of vaccination titers as drinking water route is on low rating immune response as compared to aerial spray method of vaccination.
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Is this meant for only those based in the UK? If no, sending out the notice earlier and having an online version will encourage more participation from the international community which will serve to improve poultry production worldwide.
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Introduction With the growth in bulk and container sea freight in the second half of last century, the modern food and feed distribution system became a global entity. This had significant positive implications on consumer choice and availability, but also had negative consequences for food borne toxins which manifested themselves during the extended phase of transportation and storage as well as ...
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Originally published in Research in Veterinary Science 2001, 71, 59-66   AFLATOXINS (AF), are secondary metabolites produced by certain fungi belonging to the genus Aspergillus and can occur as natural contaminants of poultry feed (Leeson et al 1995, Oguz 1997). The toxicity of AF in broiler chickens has been widely investigated by the determination of their carcinogenic, mutagenic, te ...
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