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Consider mycotoxicosis
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My past experience: compared with any other ND-IB vaccine, Ma5&clone30 gives a higher titre. If the baseline was not built on Ma5 &clone30, one expects a higher titre than the baseline. Furthermore, titre is highest ~3 weeks post vaccination.If the gap between two vaccinations is too short or second vaccine is administered in the presence of high titre, I do not expect further increase in ...
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Salah Mohammed Example: First blood sample is taken on 1-March from a Layer flock House-1/Pen-3 for routine seromonitoring or at suspecting some problem (such as egg drop). Second sample is taken 2-3 weeks apart from the same House/pen. This is paired blood sample. Antibodies are determined in the two samples, ideally on the same Elisa plate. Result may be 3 possibilities: 1. Antibody titre decre ...
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Question has 3 parts: 1. The rise of antibody titer other than field challenge? Antibody formation is specific to an antigen - no antigen exposure, no antibodies. Other than a field challenge antibodies will rise with vaccination. Also, in case of latent infection if the agent is reactivated as a result of stress or immunosuppression, it may cause rise in antibodies. 2. How can we diagnose field c ...
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Ogunlana Adetayo Johnson it depends on how long was the prolapse period. Prolapse for a small time will little inflammation and reduced aseptically, bird may survive. Longer period inflicts higher degree of inflammation. Proper reduction not effective and birds may die.
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Adetoro Abdulrahman Yes, it recurs. it gives other birds opportunity to peck and cannibalism starts. Such birds should be culled.
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Jean-Pierre Vaillancourt (University of Montreal) talked about biosecurity and the risk factors associated with infectious diseases, during the Latin American Poultry Congress in Lima, Peru.
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The condition of fecal droppings is an important indicator of health of birds for field veterinarians, farm supervisors and workers taking care of the flock. To reach a tentative etiology, one needs to categorize droppings. First of all differentiate between diuresis and a loose dropping. In case of DIURESIS, water tends to remain separate from fecal material. Diuresis is generally seen during hot ...
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Respiratory diseases particularly in broiler flocks are very frequent on Pakistan. Be it IB, LPAI H9, E coli, MG interaction with live vaccines or excess ammonia levels (lesser chances during summer seasons due to higher ventilation rates). Little effort is made to accurate lab diagnosis and treatment is attempted by use of Abs. Epidemiological data is scarce. In such situations, farmers are left ...
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Socorro Magdalena Escorcia MartínezHi SocorroIB viruses have a natural tendency for changing, especially in the S1 region.There is no need for using different variants of IB viruses to get the mutations.During many many years, all the world used the H-120 IB classic strain to vaccinate. Despite it, many different and new variants developed such as the 793B, QX, IB-Var2 (Israel).Some of thes ...
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